Human Design Transformation Program

Human Design Transformation Program

A Year of Transformation Focused on YOU

Tailored to YOU

In Honor of YOU


Thank you for your interest in my yearlong Human Design Transformation Program.

I love teaching people how personal power functions so you can create prosperity without sacrificing your joy, health or peace of mind.  When we work together for a year, that focused interaction allows me to offer you a container for deep, lasting and transformative growth.

I believe that when we get connected to our ‘being’ our ‘doing’ also transforms.  Our quality and experience of life expands and we grow our capacity to manifest new results in the material world.  My mentoring background is as an ontological coach  (the nature of our essence), as a master of human design, and as an empowerment expert.  I also have 20+ years in the tech industry leading teams, running multi-million dollar projects and making things happen.  I bring solid and practical business, leadership and project management experience to my mentoring.

Together we find the bridge between your inherent essence and how to prosper in your day to day world. This is the purpose of my Human Design Transformation Program.

Take this Empowerment Assessment

I love assessment tools. They always provide some new insight.  A number of years ago I created my own where the focus is on empowerment.  Empowerment in 4 dimensions: your confidence in the future, in your business or career, empowerment in life in general, and empowerment as a function of loving yourself unconditionally.  Download the Empowerment Assessment.

Empowerment is the key to a quality life.  Actually, I think of it as ‘in-powered’.  If only they taught Empowerment classes in grade school!  Think about what a difference that would make for our world.

My Goal

At the end of our year’s work I want you to understand your Human Design to such a deep level that you are self-supporting in your daily life.  (This is especially true for Projectors.)  When you truly ‘get’ yourself and how your energy works, navigating life takes on a new ease and new power.  You can relax into the divine perfection of your unfolding life.

I hate, yes hate, any program that is structured as a ‘one sizes fits all’.  Human Design is all about honoring uniqueness and I am committed to tailoring a program that is suited my client’s needs.  My Human Design Transformation Program is intentionally flexible and we will co-create the specifics together to meet your unique needs.

The program ingredients and logistics are described below.  Check out the rest of my website and read my testimonials.  Check out my 25 (and growing) Google Business Review. .

Lastly, please go to my online calendar and sign up for a free 30-minute conversation.  I am happy to get all your questions answered and to learn more about what you are up to in your life.  Go to Cathy’s calendar.

All the best, Cathy

What Clients Say About this Human Design Transformation Program

Hannah Gilmore, Defiance Realty

“Working with Cathy Rivers is the best decision I made this entire year. She has changed my life for good (and better). Stepping into Cathy’s unyielding wisdom and compassion transformed my struggles and self-loathing into clarity, strength, & success. I am still on the journey with her as my guide, but even after the first session I experienced immediate relief. It’s only continued to compound. Cathy’s ability to hold space for a person is astounding. Her insight is direct, tangible, and simple to apply to your daily life. She effortlessly translates the complexity of Human Design into practical language that conjures a multitude of “Aha!” moments.

However, if there was one thing I had to choose about Cathy’s transformational skills– it’s that she is utterly authentic. Her authenticity radiates into everything she brings to you as a client; it inspires you to embrace your own power and uniqueness, it creates safety to express yourself, it clears the way for you to truly see yourself with love. There really aren’t enough words to describe the impact of Cathy’s potency & mastery. So I urge you to connect with her and find out for yourself.”

Kim Lincoln, Founder, Terrain of Essence

“Sitting with Cathy is a rare opportunity. Her way is warm and inviting bringing a mind that is brilliant and expansive and her intuition is profound. Cathy is truly gifted beyond the reading. Her keen insight shows a way to step through to the next best version of you should you accept the invitation. I have nothing but praise for her astute abilities. I have had several Human Design readings and nothing compares. She is a master teacher.”

Candis Fox, Coach and Thought Leader

Coaching and Human Design with Cathy Rivers was the best investment in my own wellbeing that I have made in my 38 years of being alive. College was cool, but not nearly as effective for my successful life trajectory as everyone said it would be. Cathy is wise, loving, a brilliant strategist for ways of being, and incredibly skilled with the Human Design system. She explains the depth of Human Desin with clarity, kindness, and language that is easy to understand and apply – and all tailored to individual needs and experiences.

She helped me through my divorce and my transformation and alignment in my business. Cathy helped me become who I needed to be to level up my network and social circles that I feel so wholly nourished by.

I wouldn’t love myself or life as dynamically without her. Take her classes. Sign up for coaching. Have a 30 min conversation with her. You won’t see the world the same and you’ll feel a lot lighter and clearer for it. I gave myself the gift of her guidance and I treasure that even more than my childhood stuffed animal.

Human Design Transformation Program Ingredients


We Start with These 3 Sessions:

1) An initial Basic Human Design reading. During this reading we cover the energy mechanics and major gifts and qualities of your design.  90+ minutes.  Read more about an initial Human Design Reading .

2) An Advanced Human Design reading where we dive into the genetic imprinting of your design and see how all the elements are interwoven to form the whole of you. 90 minutes.

3) My Create Your Game Workshop – I developed this process to help you articulate goals in a way that is empowering, fun to follow and surprisingly effective. The traditional form of setting SMART goals inherently sets us up to go AGAINST our design rather than align WITH our design.  (Smart goals only work for a small percentage of our population.)  My Create Your Game Workshop lasts 3 hours. We identify your Conditions of Satisfaction, Create Your Game, and identify your Vital Few Game Rules.

We Co-Create the Topics for 24 Transformation Sessions:

After the focused start to the Human Design Transformation Program, you receive 24 private sessions lasting 75-90 minutes each. Each session dives deeper your human design and empowerment concepts. You receive mentoring on how to apply this knowledge in your life and/or business. You will learn the secret power that happens when our ‘being’ unleashes amazing, tangible results.

Your Name Your Game statements inform me as to what your heart desires most and guides me in offering suggestions to you and to the best timing for them to unfold.

We co-create the specific topics for these sessions together. There is a large menu of topics for you to choose from.  Here is just a small selection.

        • Diving deeper in the mechanics of your Human Design as triggered by your own reading and experiences
        • Your Solar Return which occurs each year near your birthday – what energies are more accessible for you in the coming year.
        • Empowerment concepts that support you to own who you are proudly and live and interact with others from a place of sovereignty.
        • Relationships and the interaction of our energies.
        • See the list of potential topics in the blue box.

There are ‘practices’ between sessions. I shy away from the word ‘homework’ because it implies ‘nose to the grindstone’. But you will always have action and awareness items to take away with you each session.

When people work with me long term, you are free to contact me for advice and support between sessions. 5 to 10 minutes of support when you are in the midst of your day and you want to make new choices is invaluable. I want my clients to have support in real time so they can take new and more effective action.

My Commitment

My Commitment

I commit to be a stand for your greatness at all times. In you committing a year to working with me, I commit to a year of focus on you.  I hold my clients deeply and take time between sessions to reflect, to see my client and their barriers/blocks clearly, to ponder what next steps will be most effective, to offer the best training, wisdom and intuition I can provide.

    Logistics for the Human Design Transformation Program


    • Sessions will be scheduled approximately every 2 weeks.
    • We can shorten or lengthen that timing based on personal schedules/vacations or based on what is going on for you, the client. There may be a time where weekly support might be most beneficial.
    • We do not need to get all of our sessions completed within a 12 month timeframe. I do believe that we should aim for no longer than 14 months, otherwise we haven’t created that container for transformative growth.

    Payment Logistics

    • The Fee for the year of mentoring is $11,750.
    • A one-time payment is always preferable. smile
    • A payment plan can be arranged.

     Getting started


    A Year of Mentoring with Cathy Rivers

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