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Human Design Training for Coaches and Therapists

Human Design Training for Coaches & Therapists

10 Sessions – 2 hours each in a VIRTUAL classroom

Beginning Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Register before August 13th and participate in 1 additional training session.


Human Design is the most effective and profound tool in my coaching and consulting toolbox so I am immensely excited to offer this 10-week Human Design Training for Coaches and Therapists.  

Our work accelerates when we dial into our clients and their essential nature with precision and speed.  My clients consistently tell me how deeply seen and understood they feel in such a short time frame.  Clients want to take on their homework, action items and practices because my understanding of their Human Design allows me to frame their exercises to explicitly match how they process.  As clients learn more about their own energy mechanics, their confidence, self-awareness, their self-determination and ability to move forward grows exponentially.  Imagine what this can do for your clients and your practice!

To get an even deeper sense of what adding Human Design to your practice can do for you and your clients, check out my article: Human Design and Life Coaching

Read on to learn more about my training program, see the course details and read participant testimonials.  Or, just contact me and we can have a conversation.

Wishing you all the best, Cathy

      • Certified Professional Coach
      • Human Design Master Professional Consultant


Below are testimonials from past human design training participants:

“When I signed up for the Human Design training, my only experience with the modality was a little bit of work I had done with Cathy coaching me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was absolutely amazed at the depth we were able to cover in only 10 weeks of class. Cathy is a phenomenal teacher, and I appreciate that she went above and beyond the reading we did each week to learn about Human Design in real life experience.

As a coach, I will use the information going forward with my clients to help them be their most authentic selves. Even better, I will be able to use the information to understand and support my family and friends at a deeper level. If you have a coaching or therapy practice of any kind, you and your clients will benefit from the knowledge gained in the Human Design training.” 

Lisa Thompson, PhD, Mystic Manta Coaching


“HUMAN DESIGN TRAINING for Therapists and Coaches is a dynamic, informative and insightful class, and Cathy an outstanding teacher.  I’m very grateful I invested my time and energy in this course as it has both enriched my life and enhanced my supporting others.  I came to this training with 10 years of personal application of the Human Design System and 5 years of sharing it with friends and clients. I loved joining together with others, who share a genuine interest in assisting clients in being their most authentic and best selves, in learning more about Human Design.  Our diverse perspectives and varied Human Design experience contributed to thought provoking questions and fabulous discussions.

Cathy’s exceptional teaching and facilitation abilities kept the course organized, interesting and progressively integrating. I learned new information, along with broadened and deepened in my understanding and practical application of this phenomenal system, in every session.  The knowledge gained and wisdom applied continues to benefit both myself and others.  Thank you Cathy!” 

Barbara Novak, Life Coach, Minister


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Approach & Philosophy for this Training

1.  Learn Human Design Theory

2.  Launch Your Own Human Design Experiment

3.  Apply This Knowledge in Your Practice

The Many Layers of Human Design

This training is designed to introduce you to 20 aspects of Human Design, that when taken all together, help you see a person as a complex whole.  One of my analogies for Human Design is that of a beautiful collage made up of overlapping layers of tissue paper.  As you lay down the first layer, we get excited at the beauty we can see.  But then you add another layer in a different hue and the collage changes and the beauty enhances. And then you add another.

Over the course of the 10 sessions, we are going to create a beautiful human design collage together.  And with each new layer you will marvel at the understanding it provides about the nature of being human:  how our auras function, our life tempo, our inner guidance mechanics, etc.  These layers are described in greater detail further down in the training curriculum.

For me, there is a danger in applying Human Design in our work if our picture isn’t broad enough.  At a recent gathering I was describing the aura of generators and one participant spoke up (thankfully) and said that this didn’t  describe her at all.  Looking at her design, she had other relatively rare design aspects that colored over the main aspects of being a generator.  When I brought in the other details and added these dimensions to the big picture of who she is, she felt completely seen and validated.

See the Forest AND the Trees

I am someone who sees the forest and the trees simultaneously.  I want to help you see this bigger picture of Human Design, to see all the layers of the collage.

There is a conundrum inherent in studying Human Design:  We must learn Human Design mentally, one aspect at a time.  Yet the practice of Human Design is energetic and experiential!   I set up each class to train participants from three perspectives:  human design theory, applying human design in our own lives and how to employ human design in our practices of supporting others.

Who is This Human Design Training For?

This training is for professionals who support others through any form coaching (life coaching, business coaching, career coaching etc.) and/or therapy.  You don’t need to have prior knowledge of Human Design.  But, if you are completely new to Human Design, or haven’t had a private reading of your own design, I require you to do that ASAP.

How is the Training Organized?

Each of the weekly 10 sessions are up to 2 hours in length and will be held virtually via the Zoom Meeting video conference platform.  The sessions will start at 6:00 pm PST and be on Wednesday nights starting September 13, 2023.  The training ends on November 15, 2023.   The sessions will be recorded so you can watch any session you can’t attend and replay each session as you desire.

There will be assigned reading each week.  We will review the week’s reading and then I will share additional information not found in texts, adding to your understanding of each concept.  In each class we talk about how to deepen your own experiment with Human Design and the implications in working with clients.  Throughout the class we will be using Designs from each of us and from my files to further understand this material.


Human Design Training for Coaches & Therapists

Curriculum – The 10 Classes

#1:  Getting Oriented to Human Design


  • The synthesis of ancient and modern wisdom
  • How our energy blueprint, our design, gets turned on
  • How we are meant to navigate life
  • The Wheel and Life Chart
  • A Tour of the Major Elements
  • Generating charts
  • Professional Code of Ethics
  • Your practices for the week


#2:  The Human Design Energy Centers


  • Review the reading:  The qualities and gifts of the 9 energy centers
  • The transition from 7 to 9 energy centers
  • Centers being either defined, undefined or open – why it matters
  • The impact of awareness, pressure and motion
  • Implications for capacity for action
  • Practices for the week


#3:  The 5 Human Design Types


  • Review the reading:  Generators and Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors
  • Their energy mechanics and the nature of their auras
  • Their unique strategies for moving forward in life
  • Design Types and their response to language
  • How you adjust your approach for each type
  • The language of each type
  • Your practices for the week


#4:  Human Design Inner Authority


  • Review the reading: the 4 primary guidance systems
  • Giving our minds the correct job
  • Decision-making is an energy mechanic
  • Inner authorities and tempo of decision-making
  • How to support each type of inner wisdom
  • How to adjust your style to match your client
  • Your practices for the week


#5:  Human Design Channels as Special Gifts


  • Review the reading:  The 36 channels and their qualities
  • Conscious versus unconscious
  • The gifts of channels versus gates
  • Single and the three split definitions
  • More understanding of tempo and decision-making
  • Practices for the week



#6:  Critical Human Design Concepts for the Practitioner


  • How to enter into agreements correctly
  • The nature of willpower
  • Discerning between the mind, willpower and inner authority.
  • Shedding familial and society conditioning
  • The strategic versus receptive brain and mind
  • Setting your clients up for success
  • Continuing the experiment


#7:  The Gifts of the 64 Human Design Gates


  • Review the reading: The 64 Gates & their properties
  • The significance of defined versus undefined centers
  • The yearning of Gates
  • Conscious versus unconscious gates
  • The importance of the gate in your conscious Sun
  • The Gates, The I Ching, the Wheel & our DNA
  • Applying this information in your work
  • Practices for the week


#8:  The Human Design Circuits – Your Social Orientation


  • Review the reading:  Circuits
  • The 5 primary circuits:  logic, abstract, tribal, individual and self
  • The endless combinations
  • The influence of circuits in how we connect to life and each other
  • Your circuitry versus your client’s circuitry
  • Applying this information in your work
  • Practices for the week


#9:  The Human Design Lines – Your Perspective & Point of View


  • Review the Reading:  The Qualities of the Six Lines
  • The I-Ching
  • How the lines bring a rich nuance
  • Personal versus Transpersonal
  • Reading a person just by their lines
  • Unconscious versus conscious
  • Applying this information in your work
  • Practices for the week


#10:  The Human Design Profiles – More Point of View


  • Review the reading:  The 12 Profiles
  • How profiles are determined
  • The concepts of Personal, Fixed and Interpersonal Profiles
  • Compatibility and resonance between profiles
  • Rare versus more common profiles
  • Applying this information in your work
  • Practices for the week


Human Design Training For Coaches & Therapists


Human Design Training Logistics

  • 10 virtual webinar-format classes held via Zoom
  • Classes are held on Wednesday nights from 6 :00 pm to 8:00 pm PST.
  • Classes start on September 13, 2023  and end on November 15th, 2023
  • Each class is approximately 2 hours in length
  • We will use Chetan Parkyn’s book “Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be” and his “Book of Lines” as text books for this class.
  • Optional readings:  “The Definitive Book of Human Design: The Science of Differentiation” by Lynda Bunnell and Chetan Parkyn’s “The Book of Destinies”
  • There will be assigned reading AHEAD of each class.  The lecture for that class will BUILD on the assigned reading material, and I will share information and insights not found in texts.
  • Homework and practices will be assigned each week to guide your study
  • Classes will be recorded and distributed the next day
  • A private Facebook Group will support group conversations between classes, if the participants so choose.

Additional Consultations

Some of you may want to include private discussions with me regarding the material we are studying and/or how to apply the learning to specific Designs that are a part of your professional or personal life.  My private session fee is $250/hour.  You can schedule private sessions for the length of time that fits your needs and the fee will be prorated.  At anytime, during or after the training, you can purchase 5 hours of consultation and training for $1100.

Human Design Training for Coaches and Therapists

Registration and Payment

How to Register

To start the registration process, Click to Register, which will take you to my on-line application and scheduler.  It begins the process of reserving your spot.

If you have questions about this program, please schedule a Discovery Session and I will get all your questions answered so you can make your decision.  I want you to have the information and the time you need to work your own decision making process. You can schedule via my Schedule a Discovery Session or call/text me at 360.480.0183.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 will reserve your spot.  If you register prior to August 13th, 2023 you are entitled to participate in the pre-training class I will hold as we run up to the official start of training on September 13, 2023.

Pre-training call is scheduled for Wednesday  September 6th.  The call will be held from 6pm to 7pm PST via Zoom Meeting.  During these calls I will introduce Human Design concepts, read participant’s individual designs and answer questions about Human Design, in general, and help you prepare to get the most out of the training program.

The balance of payment is due before training formally begins on September 13th.


Costs:  10-Session Training

The cost of the 10-session training program is $1875.


Text Books

We will be using 2 books written by Chetan Parkyn, “Human Design:  Discover the Person You Were Born to Be”  and “The Book of Lines”.  These books are available via my website or on Amazon.  They have been in print long enough that there are less expensive, used copies available.  The Book of Lines won’t be referenced until the 2nd half of the training.

For those participants that are more advanced, I will also be assigning optional materials out of Lynda Bunnell’s, “The Definitive Book of Human Design: The Science of Differentiation.”


Payment Options

Checks or Money Order are always preferred.  Credit cards can be invoiced via PayPal.  We can work out payment plans as needed.


Human Design Training for Therapists and Coaches

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