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Human Design Return Readings

Human Design Return Readings – Understand Your Life Passages

Human Design Return Readings

Our Human Design stays constant throughout our life time. For example, once an emotional Projector with a triple split, always an emotional Projector with a triple split.  However, as we move through space and time, we are influenced by the planets and the neutrino stream. At various key points in our life we gain access, temporarily, to additional energies and our life experience takes on new themes.  Different life lessons unfold.

Return readings help us understand how are unique design interacts with the larger arch of our life journey. If you have questions, drop me a note or schedule a free 30-minute conversation with me. 


Human Design Solar Return Reading

Solar Return – Occurs Annually

Your birth Human Design never changes. It is set for life.  However, each year, when the sun returns to the exact placement in the sky as when you were born we can calculate your Solar Return Design.

Your Solar Return shows you what energies, qualities and gifts are more accessible to you for the coming year.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that this was the year to focus on business or generating wealth? But not the best time to focus on finding love, for example? For me personally, 2021-2022 will be a year of adding new direction to my business and expanding my ‘tribe’ both professionally and personally.

A Solar Return Reading makes a great annual birthday present to self!

Human Design Saturn Return Reading

Saturn Return Reading – every 28-30 years

Saturn is the planet of lessons; the lessons we chose to take on during this lifetime and which are clearly defined in our design.  We go through 2, often 3, Saturn Returns at approximately 28-32 year intervals. At each Saturn Return we have the opportunity to deepen our understanding of our Saturn lessons and assess our progress.  During a Saturn Return reading you can understand what the next Saturn cycle is bringing in terms of energies and opportunities for personal growth and awareness.

Saturn can be a stern task master.  If we aren’t “paying attention” in life, our Saturn lessons can be rude and disruptive.  By understanding and embracing our lessons, by being proactive with Saturn’s energies,  we can avoid those stern “wake up” life events and maintain forward momentum in life.

To learn the date of your next Saturn Return, send me an email and include your birth date, birth time and birth place.  I will send you back the month and year of your next Saturn Return, or if recent, your current Saturn Return.

Human Design Uranus Return Reading

Uranus Opposite Reading – the mid-life crisis point of 38 – 42

The planet Uranus takes approximately 84 years to return to it’s position at our time of birth.  Somewhere between 38 and 42 Uranus reaches the midpoint of it’s orbit.  In Human Design, this Uranus Opposite midpoint represents a major shift in our life’s focus.

At birth we embody the energies represented by the South Nodes.  These energies (Gates) are a comfort zone for us.  At our Uranus Opposite, our life focus shifts to the North Nodes (Gates).  This represents our future direction, a totally new focus, a new background frequency.  Our capacity to embody this new direction usually isn’t all that solid.  It is normal to experience unease, turmoil, upset during the early stage of our Uranus Opposite.

Think of all the stories associated with a mid-life crisis; there is an energetic reason this happens across our society.  However, when we bring our awareness to this major life shift, we can work with these energies and move forward with more confidence.

To learn the date of your next Uranus Opposite, send me an email and include your birth date, birth time and birth place.  I will send you back the month and year of your Uranus Opposite.

Human Design Chiron Return Reading

Chiron Return Reading – around age 50

The asteroid Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer. Chiron has an elliptical orbit between Saturn and Uranus, linking the two together. Saturn the planet of lessons; Uranus, the planet of ‘waking up’; Chiron dancing between the two.

Chiron is generally not represented in most charts as it is not a part of your birth design calculation.

Around the age of 50-51, Chiron begins to have an influence on our design.  We gain the opportunity to heal and let go of the wounds of our youth. It is a time to forgive ourselves and others for whatever we have been holding on to.  By letting go of the past we have greater capacity to step into the new energy brought by Chiron. Our Chiron return is often a time when we decide to stop fooling around with life and give ourselves the life we really want.

During this session you gain insights on how to release your wounds as well as specific information on the Chiron energy you now have access to.

To learn the date of your Chiron Return, contact me and include your birth date, birth time and birth place.  I will send you back the month and year of your Chiron Return.

Human Design Life Passages Reading

Life Passages – view the story of your life through 7 significant returns

We tend to learn Returns one aspect at a time.  And, we usually read for our clients one Return at a time.  One day I laid out the charts for all of my significant life returns on my dining room table and was simply astounded. As I read the charts from my birth through to age 60, I saw the whole story of my life. How my energies were different from age to age. How the themes in my life unfolded. I saw the tragedies I endured and overcome in those pages. It was utterly profound and deeply healing.

I am, we are, at one with the energies of the Universe. We personalize and add the details to a story line that  was written at the time we were born.

If you are older, this reading can be deeply healing and affirming. If you are starting out in life, this reading can give you an energetic preview of the life themes that will unfold for you. I believe this can allow a person to approach life with more awareness and confidence.

What 7 Returns are included in this reading?

I offer this reading as a 4-hour session followed by a 1-hour session at a later date.  We focus on 7 key returns: 1st True Node – approx. age 18, 1st Saturn Cycle – 28 to 32, 2nd True Node – approx. age 36 to 38, Uranus Opposite – 38 to 42, Chiron Return – approx. age 50, 3rd True Node -approx. age 56, and 2nd Saturn Cycle – 56 to 60.

You will receive a small workbook prior to your reading that will help you recollect and document your experiences of these time passages.  This will aid you in ‘connecting the dots’ in your life as we do your reading.  I also create a report that describes these major passages, provides a life chart for each with attribute highlights.  Each of these 7 returns also has their own life theme, which is also included in this report.  And, this entire conversation is recorded for you.

      • Pre-requisite: A solid understanding of your basic design
      • Duration:  1 4-hour session and a later 1-hour session
      • This session is held via Zoom and recorded for you.
      • Session Fee:  $2150
      • If you have questions or want to register, please schedule a 30-minute complimentary conversation by following this link:  Schedule 3o minutes on my calendar.

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