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Human Design Relationship Training

Human Design Relationship Training

4 Sessions – 2 hours each via Zoom

Beginning Wednesday, June 28th 2023



This training will provide an in-depth look at coaching and supporting relationships through the lens of Human Design.

These four 2-hour sessions will be filled with training, conversations and exercises designed to help you leverage your understanding of Human Design to support people in all forms of relationships:  couples in committed relationships, business partners, close friends and parents and their children.

We are all inherently unique.  Our role as Human Design professionals is to help individuals embrace their uniqueness and honor the uniqueness of those they are in relationship with.

While in relationship to another, a third energetic entity is formed.  We will work to understand how to analyze this combined energy blueprint, to see the beauty and the dilemmas that are always present.

You must have a good understanding of Human Design and the reading of individual charts.

Human Design Relationship Training Content

  • Ethics in Human Design Coaching
  • Moralistic vs Energetic Information and Coaching
  • Coaching a Relationship from an HD Perspective
  • Relationship Mechanics
    • Friendship
    • Chemistry
    • Compromise
    • Dominance
    • Splits
    • Decision-Making
    • Tempo
    • Purpose
    • Soul Path
    • Orientation
  • Relationship Dilemmas
  • 7 Relationship Dynamics
    • Self
    • To Others
    • Universe
    • Partner/Spouse
    • Children
    • Parents
    • Work


 Human Design Relationship Training Logistics

  • Four training sessions, 2hours each:  Wednesdays, June 28, July 5, July 12 and July 19 , 2023
  • We will work via Zoom.  I take pains to have this experience mimic an in-person training as much as possible.
  • All sessions are recorded and links are distributed the following day.
  • There are workshop materials for each session.  These will be emailed to you the day prior to each session.

Fees and How to Register

  • The cost of this workshop is $750.  You can reserve your spot with a $150 deposit.  The remainder to be paid prior to the first session on June 28th. 
  • If you have already taken this training from me, you may audit this class for $225.
  • To Register for this training, click here.  


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Wishing you all the best.  Cathy


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Human Design Relationship Training

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