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Welcome to My Human Design Relationship Readings and Programs

Money and relationships, the 2 top stressors in life. And fortunately, Human Design can help us navigate both. If you haven’t seen these yet, take a look at my  Human Design Money Readings.

Human Design Relationship Readings and Programs focus on the energetic aspects of your relationship. Human Design is not moralistic, which means there is no good or bad aspects of a relationship.  And neither party is good or bad either! It is all about energy and how your energy blueprints interact. 

Looking at energy with Human Design, it is easy to see why 2 people are attracted to each other and it provides clues as to the potential tensions in a relationships as well. None of this is personal. Any tensions are the result of interactions of two people’s energy and how you have taken on wounds/conditioning in  your life and in this relationship.  

It is all possible to sort out.  It is all possible to find the the ease in a relationship. Is it easy work? Not necessarily.  But the information in your Human Designs provides solid clues and practical strategies. 

This work takes openness, curiosity, emotional awareness, and a good measure of humor and lightness. A willingness to adapt your behavior. An ability to stand in unconditional love.  A mutual interest in doing this work.  In some ways a capacity to see the humor in your  energetic relationship is paramount.  Frequently, couples end up laughing and say, “no wonder we do that!”  A willingness to experiment and try out something new.  A willingness to take on a new perspective.  To let go of taking things personally. 

Human Design Relationship Readings are not appropriate:

        • If you want your partner or child to change
        • If you want to be right
        • If you don’t want to change
        • If you won’t or can’t set aside your emotional wounds such as resentment, blame, shame, anger, righteousness, anxiety and fear.
        • If you want to ‘fix’ the other person.
        • If only one party wants to do this work.  (This statement does not apply to parents of young children.)

If you are a relationship coach, or a relationship counselor or therapist, you might consider learning the Human Design system. Human Design Relationship Readings provide deep insights to the underlying conflicts that your clients be experiencing.

Check out these 7 Human Design Relationship Readings and Programs.  If you have questions, please schedule 30-minutes on my calendar.  

    1. Heal Ancestral Blocks to Love & Connection
    2. Human Design Composite Reading:  How Your Energies Interact
    3. Fusion Reading: Who Are You Together
    4. Venus Return – What Love and Attraction Energies Are Available
    5. Human Design for Parents
    6. Human Design Family Workshops
    7. A Year of Relationship Transformation


1. Heal Ancestral Blocks to Love and Connection – a 5-Session Program

Have you yet to find true love? Are you in a relationship but feel cut off from your heart? Do you keep repeating the same relationship dynamics with each new partner? Have you been to therapy but still can’t find traction to create your ideal relationship?

Then consider a deep dive into your Human Design.  Discover the essence of your 4 Human Design Relationship Keys. By bringing your awareness to the gifts, qualities and lessons of these 4 Relationship Keys, you can get to the core relationship dynamics of your Human Design. My experience is that the 4 Relationship Keys have pinpoint accuracy in pointing out our deepest wounds.  Once we can bring awareness to these aspects of ourselves, healing can begin.

This is an offering for individuals.  The focus is on you and  your energetic imprinting regarding relationships.  Couples will certainly find this work of value as well. My advice for couples is to do this process individually and then come together for a shared session.

This offering can be bundled with other Human Design relationship readings for greater understanding and positive impact.

How it Works 

Having a solid understanding of your Human Design energy mechanics a crucial starting point.  We start with a review of your Human Design Type, Authority, Profile and Life Theme, connecting all of those design qualities to the experience of relating and being in relationship. 

We then dive deeply into your 4 Human Design Relationship Keys, focusing on 1 each session.

Two of those keys provide insight as to the relationship themes you received from your genetic past through your mother and father. Bringing awareness to these 2 aspects, you have the opportunity to examine, heal, reframe and liberate deep-seated beliefs and habits regarding love, attraction and intimacy.

The remaining 2 keys provide insights in how to operate in the world of relationships.  You are very likely aware of these gifts and qualities in yourself, but haven’t necessarily applied them to the realm of relationships. Often I find that clients hold a negative interpretation of these aspects. Shifting your perspective, seeing the power and beauty in all aspects of your design allows for profound inner transformation.

We tie it all together in the final session, leaving you with clear mindfulness practices and actions to take for  your future.

You will receive material to read and a worksheet pages to fill out prior to each session. Each session is recorded for you to download to your own device for future review.

2. Human Design Composite Reading – How Your Energies Interact

Energy is additive.  When 2 people come together your energies combine and create a third energetic entity. This happens constantly; in the super market, in a meeting, at gatherings, and especially with your life partner and/or business partner.

Understanding where your energetic designs align and flow and where your designs come at things from completely different ends of the spectrum is illuminating.

As shared in the introduction, energy is impersonal.  Energy just is. This reading explains the energetic mechanics of your relationship. This reading can turn confusion and blame into understanding and compassion.

This reading is appropriate for spouses, significant others, best friends, and business partners.  This Human Design Relationship Reading is for anyone who wants to better understand and improve the quality of the relationship being analyzed.

How it Works

First, it is mandatory that both partners have a solid understanding of their own Human Design energy mechanics.  If you haven’t yet had those readings, that is where to begin.

The Human Design Composite Reading consists of 3 75-minute sessions plus a 30-minute follow-up session.

During the first session we discuss the nature of your individual life tempos, decision-making styles, energetic constancy, life orientation and soul path alignment. Together we derive examples from your relationship and discuss the implications of how  your energies present themselves.  We co-create specific practices for you both to take on prior to our second session.

During the second session we dive into the 4 unique Human Design energy mechanics of relationships:  friendship, chemistry, dominance and compromise.  Each relationship has its own unique mapping of these 4 energy dynamics.  I explain these to you both in great detail and we illustrate these dynamics with examples from your experiences together. Again, we co-create specific practices for you both to take on prior to our third session.

The third session brings all of the teaching together.  We continue to integrate the information into the experience of your relationship.  It is in this session that we can now tackle and discuss the tensions and seeming dilemmas in your relationship and find forward looking strategies.

You leave with specific practices and action items as well as recordings of our conversations to download to your own devices for future review.

3. Human Design Fusion Reading – Who You Are As One

For people in long-term committed relationships, and especially for life partners that are also business partners, a Human Design Fusion Reading can provide that next level of deep insight and understanding.

This advanced Human Design Relationship Reading is for people who understand and employ their own human design, know their composite design and are successfully navigating their current relationship.

This Fusion Reading was developed by Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn and merges energetic theory from both Human Design and Western Astrology.

Imagine that your Relationship (capital R intended) has its own unique Human Design, independent of your individual and your composite designs. Knowing your Relationship’s design allows you to have new and even more productive conversations.  What do I need? How do I operate? What do you need? How do you operate? What does our Relationship need? How does our Relationship operate?

It is very likely that your Relationship has a vastly different design than either of you.  Perhaps you are both Generators but your Relationship is a Projector. When you start caring for your Relationship in alignment with its design, more energy and action flows organically and with its own fresh power.

If you are business partners, imagine how this might change your strategy meetings, your marketing strategies, everything!  If you are life partners, think of the new care and feeding you can give your Relationship.

How it Works

I do a hand calculation to determine the date of your Human Design Fusion Chart. (It really stretches my brain!) I then do a calculation and analysis of your Relationship’s Human Design Chart, your Composite Chart and your 2 individual Human Design Charts. 

I share a reading of your Relationship’s design and we talk about the implications for your decision-making style, approach to goals and execution of strategies.  And for personal relationships, we delve into the world of love, intimacy and caring.

4. Venus Return Reading

Venus returns to the position it was in your Human Design Chart every year.  A Venus Return Reading shows you the relationship and attraction energies that are available for you that annual cycle.

Understanding your Venus Return energies can support you in your journey for healthy and fulfilling relationships.  Some Venus cycles may give you insights on new actions to take and new mindfulness practices to adopt. Some Venus cycles may help you be proactive when emotions and relationships might be more tumultuous..

Venus correlates with our attraction field. When we are in alignment and partnership with our Venus energies, healthy attraction is more sustainable no matter the circumstances in our life or the energies of the planetary transits.

How it Works

I calculate a new chart for you based on the position of Conscious Venus in your Human Design chart.  Because the planets have moved over time, you will have a new Life Theme/Incarnation Cross, a new Sun Sign, and likely a new Type, Authority and Profile.  We go over the implications of your Venus Return chart in your session.

You receive a copy of your Venus Return Chart and a link of our recorded session that you can download to your own device for future review.

To learn the date of your next Venus Return, send me an email and include your birth date, birth time and birth place.  I will send you back the month and year of your next Venus Return, or if recent, your current Venus Return.

5. Human Design for Parents

Actually, the most profound use for Human Design is for parents to raise their children in alignment with their designs.

If you have had your own reading and live according to your own design, imagine what your childhood would have been like if your parents understood your design.  If they acknowledged and supported your energetic gifts and qualities.  If they advocated for you correctly with the school system and the other adults and caretakers in your world.

What would it be like to raise a child with minimal conditioning? That is the promise of Human Design for parents, children and families.

How it works 

For an in-depth understanding of your family’s energy dynamics, we co-create a set of Human Design readings and mentoring sessions based on your current understanding of Human Design.

This journey starts with the parent or parents understanding their own energetic designs first.

Early on I would skip this step, letting the parent focus only on knowing their child’s design. But what I observed is that a parent acting outside the norms of their own design had too big of a negative impact on the child for me to ignore.  So I no longer read for children without the parents taking responsibility for their own energies.

Then we move on to doing readings for the child or children. During these individual Human Design Readings we talk about the implications of the child’s design and the behavioral dynamics of the family.

Further discussions, if the parent requests them, allow us to go deeper into the inter-relationships of all family members.  Human Design can be immensely valuable for sorting out tensions amongst family members; turning tension into understanding and new choices.

Please schedule 30-minutes on my calendar if you would like to explore this option with me.  

6. Human Design Family Workshops

Are you a family of adults?  Are your children 16 or older? I offer a multi-hour workshop which highlights the human designs of family members and an overview of energy dynamics that flow within the family.

I believe that all human beings and all human designs are beautiful and amazing which allows me to spotlight the gifts and qualities of each family member.

While all designs are awesome, not all energies are complementary.  So I take time to highlight those energy dynamics that likely cause tension and/or misunderstandings. When family members learn each other’s energy mechanics, that knowledge can melt away conflict and judgement.  Understanding transforms conflict into acceptance.

Family members leave this workshop with the experience of being totally seen and recognized for who they truly are.  You also go away with new insights and strategies for what to do when old tensions arise within the family or between family members.

These Family Workshops are fun and always filled with laughter. The duration of the workshop spans anywhere from 3 hours or more depending on the number of participants. 

Please schedule 30-minutes on my calendar if you would like to explore this option with me.  

7. The Relationship Transformation Program – A Year of Mentoring with Catherine Rivers

What would it mean to you to transform your relationship?  What would it mean to you to grow your capacity to be an active and healthy co-creator of relationships?  A year of focus on relationships through the lens of Human Design can have a profound and lasting impact on your personal development.

This program can be tailored for one person, a couple in a love relationship, or a partners in a business relationship.

This yearlong program includes many of the ingredients listed above and in the other offerings described on this website:

      • Fundamental and Advanced Human Design readings
      • Human Design Relationship Readings:  Composite readings for you and your partner, or for those you are dating
      • A Human Design Fusion Reading if applicable
      • Sessions focused on healing ancestral blocks to relationships and attraction
      • My Create Your Game workshop which guides you create and accomplish goals without bring out the cattle prod or the whip to get you to the finish line.  We will use this technique to create a vision for this coming year with an emphasis on your relationships.
      • Your Venus and Jupiter Return Readings so you can further align your energies and actions to the present moment
      • And 24 private mentoring sessions designed to support you in taking new, empowered actions in your world of relationships.

Understanding our Human Design intellectually, and living from the truth and power of our Human Design are 2 different events.  We all have to ‘learn’ our Human Design before we can experience it and incorporate it as our way of living and making decisions in the world.

Part of that process of integrating our Designs into our daily life include recognizing and giving up old habits and actions.  And nowhere is this more tricky than in our relationships, both personal and professional.  Our responses run on auto-pilot before we even have a chance to consider a new choice, a new response.

Part of my training and gift is the ability to help my clients recognize these old patterned responses that are getting in their way of personal growth. I create a safe environment where we can dig deeply into these patterns, remove the shame, guilt or blame.  Free you up to be able to make new, different and better choices in the future. I help you see these relationship dynamics through a neutral, matter-of-fact perspective.

We do this work through the lens of both Human Design and Ontological Coaching.  Ontology is a odd word; it means the study of the essence of being.

Let me share an example with you that occurred in 2021 with a client I am working with for a year.  Her focus for the year is self-esteem, setting boundaries, and relationships. In short, she wants to matter. 

She asked for some urgent advice between sessions, something that my year-long clients can access. She had had a big blow up with her life partner who is also her business partner. They had gotten into that icky place yet again and she wanted help understanding how and why it happens and what she can do differently. 

We spent the next 45 minutes walking through this event.  My role is to help her see to the heart of the interaction in spite of the emotions surrounding it. I don’t take sides, I just help my client see the story and take responsibility for their part in it.

My client is an Emotional Projector with a partner who is a Sacral Manifesting Generator. She had innocently asked her partner what was on her mind and the response was not what she expected and it triggered her emotionally and she armored up and started speaking in defense of herself. Everything snow-balled after that. 

My client intellectually understands her Design very well. But in real time, in the heat of the moment when she got triggered, she couldn’t recognize that she had extended an invitation to her partner.  Now, a true invitation has no strings attached to it.  No expectations. It is the job of the Projector, or anyone, extending an invitation to be open and have zero expectations.

When she saw how she had set this up herself, she just burst into laughter.  Her words were, “Wow. I just got a chiropractic adjustment for my soul!”

Sometimes transformation happens in the snap of your fingers. Other transformation takes a series of baby steps of growth and awareness, discomfort and celebration when you come to a point of critical mass and you arrive at a new state of being.  

My goal for any of my clients is to get them out of victimhood and into the role of the responsible, empowered creator. This requires that my clients become aware of those instances where they are choosing and acting from victimhood, from a state of disempowerment.  It is impossible to build anything healthy and lasting from the position of a victim.

I Love Guiding My Clients to Prosperity

I truly love it. And, it is the central focus of my design as well.  Imagine that! Now at a ripe older and wiser age, I bring a lot to the table.

Over 20+ Years of Executive, Business and Team Building Experience

I spent 20+ years in the tech world as a leader and change agent. This part of my career taught me how to look at businesses holistically, and, it taught me a lot about burnout and how to not use my energy.

I am a fierce project manager. I think logically and can see how to get to where we/you want to go.  But now I have a deeper understanding of what it takes to get their with ease and grace.  We don’t have to sacrifice our health, joy and peace of mind to make things happen.

Certified Life and Business Coach since 2005

My years of ontological coaching taught me to listen very deeply to where a person is out of alignment, and, how to get them back into alignment.  Ontology…a weird word.  Ontology is the nature of being. I am a firm believer that when we get our ‘being’ right the actions just flow.

Are you confident? Don’t we all want to be confident? But, if deep inside you struggle with confidence, your language gives you away.  That is what I listen for.  How you are  wanting one thing but behaving in an opposing manner. I listen for how you hold such attitudes as confidence, personal power, responsibility, and self-love.  I help you resolve and move past these types of inner dilemmas.

As a result you free up tremendous amounts of energy.  Energy that you can now use in moving forward and choosing new and empowered actions.

Human Design Expert since 2008

And the best tool in my toolbox, Human Design,  has given me the ultimate tool to help clients create massive momentum and create desired results.  Not by putting you through a cookie cutter process where one-size-fits-all, but by teaching you about your personal power.

Human Design has been my main focus of study since 2008.  I have a deep understanding of Human Design mechanics and how to impart the power of a design to my clients.  I am proud of the way I deliver Human Design and believe I give a deeper and more accurate reading than many.

Please check out my coaching and Human Design testimonials and Google Business Reviews to get a greater sense of my work.  And above all schedule 30-minutes on my calendar and we can explore whether we are a good fit for working together.

Human Design Composite Chart

Thank you for looking at my Human Design Relationship Readings.  For an entire list of my offerings, check out this menu of services