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Human Design Readings – Basic & Advanced

A Human Design Reading Can Change Your Life

Human Design is a deep, rich modality that supports anyone to grow their  sense of self, expand their state of empowerment and create a richly successful life by aligning their energies with their goals.

All entrances into the world of Human Design should begin with a basic reading.  And by basic, I don’t mean simple.  It is actually a very complex reading that forms the foundation for all the conversations and insights that follow.  For many clients, this is all we do.  The initial foundational reading is filled with tons valuable information and this is all they need at that time. But for others, they want more and they want to go deeper.

Human Design changed my life for the better. It explained so much about why I struggled to get traction in my life and experience the level of achievement I knew I was capable of. Whether you get a reading or not, keep checking out Human Design and learn about how your energy functions.

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But I Don’t Know My Time of Birth!

Knowing Your Time of Birth is Crucial

Within any given 24-hour day, there are a minimum of 4 Gate changes, if not more. These Gate changes can make a significant impact on your Design (say, from a Manifesting Generator to a Projector) or have very little impact.

Don’t Use Noon

Some sources advise that you just use noon as a birth time if you don’t know yours.  For the reason I stated above, this could give you very misleading results.

Try This Process to Determine Your Birth Time

I wrote a blog post that helps people dial in to their birth time with more precision that just picking noon.  It’s a bit lengthy, but this is what I do to help people triangulate to an approximate time period.  Far more likelihood of success that the ‘just use noon’ method.  Check out this blog post.

And, after you’ve done some of this reaserach on your own, I offer a free 30-minute consult to help you get as close as possible.

Human Design Reading – The Foundation Reading

Basic Human Design Readings – The Foundation

This Basic Human Design Reading is far from basic.  This reading teaches you the fundamental and primary aspects of your Design.

We dive into your Type, your energy levels, your life tempo and how your energy best interacts with the world around you.

I help you understand where your inner wisdom resides, how to access it and relate to it, how to use it to guide your own decision-making process.  Your Inner  Authority, your inner wisdom, is the central key to your Human Design. When you learn to recognize and partner with  your Inner Authority life takes on a new ease and flow.

I explain your special gifts and qualities that are expressed through your energy centers, channels and gates.  We discuss the concept of willpower and how to enter into agreements. Most of us don’t have consistent access to willpower!  We need to be careful in how we choose our commitments.

We delve into your social orientation: are you primarily a social, tribal or staunch individual?  A combination?

And lastly I help you understand your Profile and Life Purpose/Incarnation Cross according to your Design.

Throughout this reading, we relate this information to what is currently happening in your life. None of this information is of value unless you can integrate it and apply it to your life. I want you to be able to make immediate use this information.

Just yesterday, I got a message from a woman I read for the day before. She wrote: “Yesterday’s session has already been helpful.  I’m not a fan of shopping/being around crowds and now I know why.  While grocery shopping today I was able to catch myself picking up on others’ emotions and view my own reactive emotions almost as a bystander.  Instead of spiraling on a negative emotion as I would have done before, I stayed calm.  So excited to dive deeper in human design!”

I talk about these concepts in greater depth in this article, Human Design and Life Coaching.

I look forward to reading your Design for you, so you can experience your own breakthroughs and transformations.


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Human Design Reading  – The Advanced Reading

Advanced Human Design Readings

An Advanced Human Design Reading reveals your Holistic Genetic Imprint.  Building on your initial basic foundation Human Design Reading, we go deeper into your Design and explore the aspects of yourself that you inherited from your ancestors.  We also explore the impact that the planets have on your conscious Design.

We can see what you received from your parents, grandparents and older generations. More than once, I’ve had clients tell me that I have shared the entire inventory of ‘issues’ that they are working through in therapy! They aren’t ‘issues’ but wounds we can heal and strengths we can draw from as we grow our awareness.

We explore your Soul Path, also called your Life Path.  You gain an understanding of the organic trajectory of your life. Where you may have felt the victim of your life’s circumstances can shift you to a confident creator of what is next for you.


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Human Design Reading Packages

Basic + Advanced Reading Package

This package covers all the material described above.  This can be booked as 2 sessions (this is ideal) or 1 longer session. When you sign up for both the Basic and Advanced Reading, you are then gifted with a 30-minute follow up conversation where I will answer any questions you have about your design and/or read even deeper into your Design.

Human Design Integration Package

Want to dive in and really embrace your Design? Learn how to partner with yourself at a whole new level? This package is designed to support and speed up the integration of your Design into your daily life…which is when we reap all the rewards of understanding our energetic gifts and qualities. This package includes the Basic and Advanced Readings plus 5 one-hour mentoring/coaching sessions.

As a professional ontological coach, I am particularly gifted at helping my clients apply these concepts to their own sense of self and how you interact with your outer world of family, friends, community, career and/or business.

I recommend these 7 sessions be scheduled every 2 weeks, but we can tailor a schedule to match your needs and learning style.


Specialized Human Design Readings

Human Design Return Readings

Return Readings: How Your Design Interacts with the Passage of Time

  • Solar Return – The energies more available to us for each birthday year.
  • Saturn Return – Approximately every 29 years we get a look at our ‘Life Lessons’.
  • Uranus Return – What many call a ‘Midlife Crisis’ and occurs around age 42.
  • Chiron Return – Around the age of 50 many of us decide to give ourselves what we truly want.
  • Life Passages – 9 major life timing events.  Look back to understand your path; look forward to anticipate your lessons.

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Human Design Money Readings

Actualize Your Design: Transform Wealth, Prosperity, Business, Career

  • Healing Blocks to Money & Wealth – a 4 session program.
  • Your Prosperity Brand – a 7 session program.
  • Mars Return – every 2 years we can see what energy we have to further career or business.
  • Jupiter Return – every 12 years we can see our themes for expanding our lives.
  • Readings for Business Partners & Teams – we co-create a custom offering.
  • A Year of Business Transformation – customized to your needs.

Read More About Human Design Money Readings

Human Design Relationship Readings

Transform Love, Relationships, Family with Human Design

  • Heal Ancestral Blocks to Love & Connection – a deep 5-session exploration.
  • Human Design Composite Reading:  How Your Energies Interact – 3 session series.
  • Human Design Fusion Reading: Who Are You Together – 2 hours.
  • Venus Return – What energies will support love and relationships this year. 90 minutes.
  • Human Design for Parents – a custom offering.
  • Human Design Family Workshops – a custom offering.
  • A Year of Relationship Transformation Human Design Program – customized to your needs.

Read More About Human Design Relationship Readings

Human Design Coaching Program

Human Design Honors the Individual

I was first trained as a life and busiess coach before finding Human Design. I was happy with my coaching education, but knew that I wanted a tool and modality that would help me work with each person as an individual.

Coming from the corporate world I had worked with many personality trait tools, such as Myers-Briggs and Birkman. I have come to see those tools as methods that really help a person in a group or business setting. How to best get along with others and leverage your skills.  But those tools look at you as who you are with your wounds and self-protective mechanisms.

Who Are You Without Your Protective Strategies?

When I found Human Design it shows us who we are at birth. Who we are without all those protective strategies that keeps us safe.

This is why I love working with individuals so much.  Our individuality often gets deferred in a group setting. I believe that when the individual is honored then we can come together in groups, families and teams in new, more empowered ways.

My Human Design Coaching Program is focused on suppporting you to be fully empowered. To live your life honoring the uniqueness of who you are. This coaching program is a wonderful synergy of Human Design, Ontological Coaching and Peformance Coaching.

If you are interested in a transformational experience, please check it out


“Working with Cathy was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was shocked at how accurately she was able to detail my character traits, nature and desires through the Human Design Readings and give me insight into ways of being that truly support me uniquely in moving forward in my career and personal life.

She listens with a keen and loving ear and offers such helpful and useful suggestions that can be implemented easily in everyday life.

She has truly helped me to understand where my ways of thinking don’t support my growth and offered invaluable lifelong strategies that I will treasure as I continue to unfold in the direction of my dreams.

Cathy you are a treasure! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. x”

Michelle Johnson, Musician

“Cathy is an amazing and intuitive Human Design reader and teacher. I came to her without an exact birth time and she took the time to really dive in to evaluate the different possibilities. She asked deep questions and gave descriptions of aspects for the charts that allowed me to assess what is true for me. After a very successful session she was able to very confidently show me my chart, I feel so good about it too.

On top of this, she allowed enough time to read my chart in relation to what I was really struggling with at this time. She gave me such incredible insights and teachings which I have been deeply considering since. I can already feel the shifts happening in my career thanks to this reading. I look forward to working with her in the future as I work on understanding my chart even deeper. Thank-you Cathy, you have such a gift.”

Cece Piwo, Human Resources Professional


“Cathy is a true expert in human design. Not like all these other “experts” that have suddenly popped up recently. She has many years of studying and getting to know human design intimately. She knew right away, when telling her that I was a self projecting projector, how rare my type is. And was able to speak into my life with wisdom and accuracy. She helped me to understand the particular way that people with my design conduct business to be in alignment. Truly priceless meeting that we had. Anyone would be lucky to get some time with her. I highly recommend her services and looking forward to the next time we meet <3 Thank you Cathy.”

Amanda Hull, Digital Velocity and SEO

“Sitting with Cathy is a rare opportunity. Her way is warm and inviting bringing a mind that is brilliant and expansive and her intuition is profound. Cathy is truly gifted beyond the reading. Her keen insight shows a way to step through to the next best version of you should you accept the invitation. I have nothing but praise for her astute abilities. I have had several Human Design readings and nothing compares. She is a master teacher.”

Kim Lincoln, Founder, Terrain of Essence

About Catherine Rivers

Human Design Reader

About Catherine Rivers

What is there to say?  I can give you a traditional bio, but that is boring.  The truth is I just love Human Design.  I love it.  It is all I really want to talk about!

I’ve been studying Human Design for over 15 years and I am still learning.  The accuracy of Human Design never ceases to amaze me. The depth of Human Design always amazes me.  There is always something new to see and express.

I spent 20 years in the information technology industry implementing huge projects.  I was successful in that space due to my ability to simultaneously track a zillion interconnecting details and the overarching goals of the project.  I bring that same gift as I give Human Design readings to my clients. I want everyone to see the energetic nuts and bolts of who they are AND see the amazing person that they are.  It is all there, in their design.

Officially I am a Human Design Master Professional Consultant. I studied with Chetan Parkyn and continue to study and co-teach with him (to my utter delight).

I am also a Certified Professional Coach of 18 years. That training has me laser-focused on personal empowerment and the power of language.

I am adamant that all aspects of a Design are beautiful and empowering.  I have too many people coming to me having been told negative views of their Designs.  It breaks my heart!  My teaching of Human Design brings together a deep understanding of Human Design energy mechanics coupled with an empowering use of language that provides the client with a profound and transformational experience.

If you’d like to elevate your Readings, I will help you get there.

Much love,

Human Design Trainer

Do you want to talk about Human Design?  I always do!  Please grab 30 minutes on my calendar.  I am happy just to share.