Human Design Readings

Human Design Readings – Affirm Your Awesomeness

Basic Human Design Readings – The Foundation

This Basic Human Design Reading is far from basic.  This reading teaches you the fundamental and primary aspects of your design.

We dive into your Type, your energy levels, your life tempo and how your energy best interacts with the world around you.

I help you understand where your inner wisdom resides, how to access it and relate to it, how to use it to guide your own decision-making process.  Your Inner  Authority, your inner wisdom, is the central key to your Human Design. When you learn to recognize and partner with  your Inner Authority life takes on a new ease and flow.

I explain your special gifts and qualities that are expressed through your energy centers, channels and gates.  We discuss the concept of willpower and how to enter into agreements. Most of us don’t have consistent access to willpower!  We need to be careful in how we choose our commitments.

We delve into your social orientation: are you primarily a social, tribal or staunch individual?  A combination?

And lastly I help you understand your Profile and Life Purpose according to your Design.

Throughout this reading, we relate this information to what is currently happening in your life. None of this information is of value unless you can integrate it and apply it to your life. I want you to be able to make immediate use this information.

Just yesterday, I got a message from a woman I read for the day before. She wrote: “Yesterday’s session has already been helpful.  I’m not a fan of shopping/being around crowds and now I know why.  While grocery shopping today I was able to catch myself picking up on others’ emotions and view my own reactive emotions almost as a bystander.  Instead of spiraling on a negative emotion as I would have done before, I stayed calm.  So excited to dive deeper in human design!”

I talk about these concepts in greater depth in this article, Human Design and Life Coaching.

I look forward to reading your design for you, so you can experience your own breakthroughs and transformations.

Human Design Reader

Advanced Human Design Readings

An Advanced Human Design Reading reveals your Holistic Genetic Imprint.  Building on your initial basic foundation reading, we go deeper into your Design and explore the aspects of yourself that you inherited from your ancestors.  We also explore the impact that the planets have on your conscious Design.

We can see what you received from your parents, grandparents and older generations. More than once, I’ve had clients tell me that I have shared the entire inventory of ‘issues’ that they are working through in therapy! They aren’t ‘issues’ but wounds we can heal and strengths we can draw from as we grow our awareness.

We explore your Soul Path, also called your Life Path.  You gain an understanding of the organic trajectory of your life. Where you may have felt the victim of your life’s circumstances can shift you to a confident creator of what is next for you.

Basic + Advanced Reading Package

This package covers all the material described above.  This can be booked as 2 sessions (this is ideal) or 1 longer session. When you sign up for both the Basic and Advanced Reading, you are then gifted with a 30-minute follow up conversation where I will answer any questions you have about your design and/or read even deeper into your Design.

What is a Human Design Reading

Human Design Integration Package

Want to dive in and really embrace your Design? Learn how to partner with yourself at a whole new level? This package is designed to support and speed up the integration of your Design into your daily life…which is when we reap all the rewards of understanding our energetic gifts and qualities. This package includes the basic and advanced readings plus 5 one-hour mentoring/coaching sessions.

As a professional ontological coach, I am particularly gifted at helping my clients apply these concepts to their own sense of self and how you interact with your outer world of family, friends, community, career and/or business.

I recommend these 7 sessions be scheduled every 2 weeks, but we can tailor a schedule to match your needs and learning style.

Human Design Transformation Program – A Year of Growth

Are you up to something big? Are you tired of not creating those breakthroughs that you know are possible for you? Do you want to grow your momentum yet have more ease at the same time? Then consider working with me for a year.  Transformation will occur! Follow this link to read an in depth description of this year long program.  Learn more about the “Human Design Transformation Program – A Year of Growth”