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Human Design is a deep, rich modality that supports anyone to grow their  sense of self, expand their state of empowerment and create a richly successful life by aligning their energies with their goals.  I now offer 24 uniqueHuman Design readings, programs and services.

All entrances into the world of Human Design should begin with a basic reading.  And by basic, I don’t mean simple.  It is actually a very complex reading that forms the foundation for all the conversations and insights that follow.

For many clients, this is all we do.  The initial foundational reading is filled with tons valuable information and this is all they need at that time. But for others, they want more and they want to go deeper.

My basic, advanced and specialty readings are grouped into 5 categories:

    1. The basic and advanced reading that provide the foundational understanding of your design
    2. Return readings which describe how your design interacts with the passages of time.
    3. Readings and programs that transform your success with money, wealth, and prosperity
    4. Readings and programs that transform love and relationships.
    5. Human Design Training for Professionals

Take a look below.  But if you just want to have me explain it to you, please grab 30-minutes on my calendar and I will get your questions answered.

Basic and Advance Human Design Readings

1. Human Design Readings to Understand Who You Are

    • The Foundational Human Design Reading – 90 minutes
    • The Advanced Human Design Reading – 90 minutes
    • Human Design Reading Integration Package
    • A Year of Transformation Human Design Program

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Human Design Return Readings

 2. Return Readings: How Your Design Interacts with the Passage of Time

    • Solar Return – The energies more available to us for each birthday year
    • Saturn Return – Approximately every 29 years we get a look at our ‘Life Lessons’
    • Uranus Return – What many call a ‘Midlife Crisis’ and occurs around age 42.
    • Chiron Return – Around the age of 50 many of us decide to give ourselves what we truly want.
    • Life Passages – 9 major life timing events.  Look back to understand your path; look forward to anticipate your lessons.

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Human Design Money Readings

3. Actualize Your Design: Transform Wealth, Prosperity, Business, Career 

    • Healing Blocks to Money & Wealth – a 4 session program
    • Your Prosperity Brand – a 7 session program
    • Mars Return – every 2 years we can see what energy we have to further career or business
    • Jupiter Return – every 12 years we can see our themes for expanding our lives
    • Readings for Business Partners & Teams – we co-create a custom offering
    • A Year of Business Transformation – customized to your needs

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Relationship Readings

 4. Transform Love, Relationships, Family with Human Design

    • Heal Ancestral Blocks to Love & Connection – a deep 5-session exploration
    • Human Design Composite Reading:  How Your Energies Interact – 3 session series
    • Human Design Fusion Reading: Who Are You Together – 2 hours
    • Venus Return – What energies will support love and relationships this year. 90 minutes.
    • Human Design for Parents – a custom offering
    • Human Design Family Workshops – a custom offering
    • A Year of Relationship Transformation Human Design Program – customized to your needs

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Human Design Training for Coaches and Therapists

5. Add Human Design to Your Professional Toolbox

The Applied Human Design Training and Certification Program takes from novice to professional.  There are 4 levels of training spanning 98 hours of live instruction. 

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Got Questions? Let’s Talk

Do you have questions about Human Design or my work as a Human Design Expert or Certified Professional Coach?  Ask away!  I will always respond.  Or, if you would like to talk in person, please schedule 30 minutes on my calendar.  I am happy to answer your questions and give us both the chance to have a real-time conversation when it’s easier to make sure you have the answers you are seeking.  Have you read through my Human Design offerings?  Many of them are new as of January 2022.  I hope to hear from you, Cathy

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