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Welcome to My Human Design Money Readings & Prosperity Programs

Money is one of the top stressors in life. Too many people struggle with their relationship to money; it just doesn’t have to be so hard. 

Human Design can show you your inherent money strengths as well as possible wounds. Let me help you discover the bridge between your essence and prosperity so you create new results with money and get on with the fun of life.

Check out these 8 Human Design Money Readings and Prosperity Programs.  If you have questions, please schedule 30-minutes on my calendar. 

    1. Heal Blocks to Money and Wealth
    2. Discover Your 5 Money Success Keys & Create Your Prosperity Brand
    3. Mars Return – The Career and Business Energies Available to You
    4. Jupiter Return – What Expansion Energies are Available to You
    5. Assess Your Business’s Design – A Reading of Your Business
    6. Birth Your Business – Choose An Auspicious Day
    7. Readings for Business Partners & Teams
    8. The Prosperity Transformation Program – A Year of Growth


1. Heal Blocks to Money and Wealth – 4-Session Program

For many people, learning and integrating their design unlocks their energy and ability to generate wealth and success in the world. And, for others, there are still blocks concerning money, wealth and self-worth. If this is you, consider this 4-session program.

We start by delving into your unconscious gates and lines in Mars. Unconscious Mars governs how we move forth into the world. In modern day terms it has a lot to do with money, business and/or career.  The basics of survival and success.

Your unconscious Mars can provide insight into your deepest wounds as well as your greatest gifts.  Bringing awareness to your Mars energy can shift you from victim to creator.  Once your unconscious Mars is integrated and understood, then you can leverage that Mars power consciously in how you go forward in your life.

We codify this new awareness in a carefully crafted Unconscious Mars affirmation statement.

We do a similar deep dive into Jupiter. Jupiter governs how we expand and spiral up in life. Jupiter holds keys to our capacity to generate abundance.

Unconscious Jupiter holds ancestral keys to our inherited beliefs on money and wealth. Again, as you bring Jupiter energy into your awareness, healing can happen, confusion can clear and you can more consciously direct the energies that Jupiter holds in your Human Design.

We codify your new understanding of abundance and wealth in a second carefully crafted Unconscious Jupiter affirmation statement.

Throughout these 4 sessions, we work with your sense of empowerment and self-worth. Your 2 affirmation statements and your new empowerment concepts and sense of self-worth result in you having more confidence and clarity. 

During the last session we weave these concepts together and create an action plan that takes you forward in the coming months. 

2. Discover Your 5 Money Success Keys & Create Your Prosperity Brand – A 7-session Program

Most of us are aware of business branding. Many of us have business brands consisting of logos, vision statements, core values, color palettes, etc. This is all good stuff.

But, you as the owner of the business, or you as the service provider, also have a personal prosperity brand that is constant even when your offerings shift over time.  Your customers hire you, not your business.  Your prosperity brand clearly expresses who you are, what you stand for, and what the customer is going to experience and receive when they engage you.

We Are All Entrepreneurs – Even When We Are an Employee

And isn’t everyone an entrepreneur?  Aren’t we all engaged with making money? Even if you work inside an organization? Even if you are just starting out in the world of work?  This brand development program applies to business owners, solo entrepreneurs, managers and executives, employees, anyone who is trading their energy and gifts for compensation.

How it works

Every Human Design contains 5 Money Success Keys.  We each have a unique design and therefore we each have 5 Money Success Keys that are unique as well.  We each do money, wealth and prosperity differently. That is why when we compare our skill at making money and generating wealth to others, we get  disappointed.  Most of us just try harder at what we have already been doing, or try to adopt the strategies touted by thought leaders.  

However, when you understand and align your goals and actions with the 5 Money Success Keys of your Design, the game of money and wealth is much easier to play…and, to win!

I offer 7 75-minute sessions, plus a follow-up session of 30 minutes. We do a deep dive into 5 critical aspects of your design that express 5 qualities that define you as a wealth generator: how you radiate your purpose out into the world, your natural talent, your empowered relationship to money, how best to implement your gifts, and defining that special essence that only you bring. We end this series outlining how to leverage your Prosperity Brand in your life, business or career.

3. Mars Return Reading

The energy of Mars defines how we ‘go forth’ into the world. Mars is associated with the success of your business or career and your capacity to act and innovate.

Approximately every 2 years, Mars returns to the position it held at the time of your birth.  I calculate your Mars Return chart which shows the Mars energy that will be accessible to you for the coming cycle. When you map out your business and career strategies in alignment with your Mars return the results can be astounding. When you work with your energies, life takes on a new flow and success comes naturally.

To learn the date of your next Mars Return, send me an email and include your birth date, birth time and birth place.  I will send you back the month and year of your next Mars Return, or if recent, your current Mars Return.

4. Jupiter Return Reading

Happening every 12 years, your Jupiter Return signals a new cycle for growth and expansion.    This energy foretells themes for the expansion of prosperity as well as an evolving understanding of life and society, growth from international travel and exposure to new cultures.

Think of what natural expansions and the things you left behind at the ages of 12 and 24.  What shift did your life take around the age of 36? These shifts are influenced by Jupiter.

In order to expand we also need to let go. Looking back, what did you let go of at these ages?

Would you like to experience the maximum change in fortune that Jupiter can bring? Like all returns, this Jupiter Return Reading helps you understand what energies are more accessible during this cycle.  This allows you to focus on what is possible and let go of paths and directions that aren’t in alignment for you at this time.

To learn the date of your next Jupiter Return, send me an email and include your birth date, birth time and birth place.  I will send you back the month and year of your next Jupiter Return.

5. Assess Your Business’ Design – A Reading & Consult

And (this is so fun!) your business has a  Design too!  If you are already in business, do you know what it is?  Does the Design of your business align with your business’s purpose? Is the design of your business compatible with your own?

Is your business struggling and you just can’t figure out the problem? The first thing to to check out is the design of your business to assess what the business needs from you in order to be successful. Ideally, you and your business are best buds and partners.

How it works

In this reading I calculate the design of your business from the date and time you submitted your business formation application.  We cover the type and strategy of your business, its profile, purpose and sun sign.  Depending on the focus of your business there are other dimensions that I will bring into this consultation.  From here we dive deeply into how your business expresses itself to the world, how others perceive your business and how you and your business align energetically.

You come away with clear steps to take in bringing you and your business into alignment with energy and prosperity.

In some instances, the alignment is so clearly off, that it can be better to just reestablish your business with a new design of your conscious choosing.

6. Birth Your Business – Choose an Auspicious Design

As you launch your new business, one of the most critical actions you can take is to give your business an auspicious birth day.  Think of the ramifications of intentionally choosing your business’ energetic design!

I love this example. One of my client’s is a very successful realtor.  She, herself, has a highly individual design which is reflected in the unique way she takes her client’s through the buying process.  And, her business has an incredibly strong design explicitly to “enrich and support the family’s prosperity.” Talk about hitting a sweet spot!

Would you like to set you and your business up for success? Then please consider working with me to determine the most auspicious birth date for your business.

How it works

We start with a consultation for you to clearly define the purpose, personality and impact you seek for your business. Then I do a search of auspicious birth dates for your business and come back with at least 3 options.  We come back together and I lead you through each of the options and describe the implications of each possible choice.

You come away with an exact time, for your location, to legally register your business for an optimal design.

7. Readings for Business Partners and Teams

Imagine your entire leadership team knows how their energy functions; they work in alignment with their Designs. Your team understands, welcomes and leverages the unique gifts that each team member brings. When stress and conflict arises it quickly shifts, because your team knows how to move past such dilemmas to solutions.

When  your business leadership and management approach is built on a foundation of Human Design principles, results and success flow organically. Everyone’s forward moving energy and brilliance is harnessed for maximum benefit of the group.

How it works

Ideally, we craft a statement of work for your specific needs.  But here are ingredients that I always suggest as a starting point.  We can scale up or down from here.

      • Individual Human Design Readings for each team member
      • A series of 3 group sessions:  1) presenting primary Human Design principles, 2) introducing each team member in terms of their design strengths and how your designs interact, and 3) discussing how to leverage the strengths of your designs and where the team might have pitfalls. 
      • 2 to 3 follow up sessions with the leadership team

Please schedule 30-minutes on my calendar if you would like to explore this option with me.

8. The Prosperity Transformation Program – A Year of Mentoring with Catherine Rivers

What if you could have it all? What if all your money and prosperity dreams came true? And you experienced ease, fun and satisfaction as you created more wealth?

Then consider working with me for a year. Transformation will occur!

This yearlong program includes many of the ingredients listed above and in the other offerings described on this website. We tailor the program to your specific needs.  Ingredients include:

      • Basic and advanced Human Design readings
      • Sessions focused on healing ancestral blocks to money and wealth
      • My Create Your Game workshop which guides you create and accomplish goals without bring out the cattle prod and the whip to get you to the finish line.  We will use this technique to create a vision and game for your next business year.
      • Create your own Prosperity Brand
      • Discover and/or create the design of your business
      • Your Solar, Mars and Jupiter Return Readings so you can further align your energies to the present moment
      • And 24 private mentoring sessions designed to put you into effective action based on your personal Human Design, the design of your business and your Prosperity Brand.

I love guiding my clients to Prosperity.

I truly love it. And, it is the central focus of my design as well.  Imagine that! Now at a ripe older and wiser age, I bring a lot to the table.

Over 20+ year of executive and business experience. 

I spent 20+ years in the tech world as a leader and change agent. This part of my career taught me how to look at businesses holistically, and, it taught me a lot about burnout and how to not use my energy.

I am a fierce project manager. I think logically and can see how to get to where you want to go.  But now I have a deeper understanding of what it takes to get their with ease and grace.  You don’t have to sacrifice your health, joy and peace of mind to make things happen.

Life and Business Coach since 2005

My years of ontological coaching taught me to listen very deeply to where a person is out of alignment, and, how to get them back into alignment.  Ontology…a weird word.  Ontology is the nature of being. I am a firm believer that when we get our ‘being’ right the actions just flow.

Are you confident? Don’t we all want to be confident? But, if deep inside you struggle with confidence, your language gives you away.  That is what I listen for.  How you are  wanting one thing but behaving in an opposing manner. I listen for how you hold such attitudes as confidence, personal power, responsibility, and self-love.  I help you resolve and move past these types of inner dilemmas.

As a result you free up tremendous amounts of energy.  Energy that you can now use in moving forward and choosing new and empowered actions that get substantial and lasting results.

Human Design Expert since 2008

And the best tool in my toolbox, Human Design,  has given me the ultimate tool to help clients create massive momentum and create desired results.  Not by putting you through a cookie cutter process where one-size-fits-all, but by teaching you about your personal energy and power.

Human Design has been my main focus of study since 2008.  I have a deep understanding of Human Design mechanics and how to impart the power of a design to my clients.  I am proud of the way I deliver Human Design and believe I give a deeper and more accurate reading than many.

Next Steps

Please check out my Human Design and coaching testimonials and Google Business Reviews to get a greater sense of my work.  And above, all, schedule 30-minutes on my calendar and we can explore whether we are a good fit for working together.

Thank you for looking at my Human Design Money and Prosperity Readings.  For an entire list of my offerings, check out this menu of services