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The Human Design Coaching Program


Thank you for your interest in my yearlong Human Design Coaching Program.  Not sure you are up for a year of coaching? Then check out the four-session Human Design Coaching Starter Program.

I love teaching people how personal power functions so you can create prosperity without sacrificing your joy, health or peace of mind.  When we work together for a length of time, ideally a year,  that focused interaction allows me to offer you a container for deep, lasting and transformative growth.

I witness that when we connect and stay connected to our ‘being’ our ‘doing’ naturally transforms.  Our quality and experience of life expands and we grow our capacity to manifest new results in the material world.  My mentoring background is as an ontological coach  (the nature of our essence), as a master of human design, and as an empowerment expert.  I also have 20+ years in the tech industry leading teams, running multi-million dollar projects and making things happen.  I bring solid and practical business, leadership and project management experience to my mentoring.

Together we find the bridge between your inherent essence and how to prosper in your day to day world. This is the purpose of my Human Design Coaching Programs.

The Goal of this Work

At the end of our year’s work I want you to understand your Human Design to such a deep level that you are self-supporting in your daily life.  When you truly ‘get’ yourself and how your energy works, navigating life takes on a new ease and new power.  You can relax into the divine perfection of your unfolding life. (Hesitant to commit for a year? Check out my Starter Program offer)

I hate, yes hate, any program that is structured as a ‘one sizes fits all’.  Human Design is all about honoring uniqueness and I am committed to tailoring a program that is suited my client’s needs.  My Human Design Coaching Program is intentionally flexible and we will co-create the specifics together to meet your unique needs.

Here is the information you will find on this page.  Click any link to skip ahead.

Lastly, please go to my online calendar and sign up for a free 30-minute conversation.  I am happy to get all your questions answered and to learn more about what you are up to in your life.  Go to Cathy’s calendar.

All the best,

Human Design Trainer

Self-Empowerment is the Goal

Self-Empowerment is Key to Creating the Life You Want

Self-empowerment is central to creating a quality life. Self-empowerment is multi-faceted. Some of those dimensions consist of: personal sovereignty, knowing you are enough, no longer needing to prove yourself, stating and maintaining boundaries, being internally vs. externally-sourced, honoring your needs, impeccable self-care, and giving yourself permission to thrive. A self-empowered person accepts responsibility for all that occurs in their life and rarely lives from a state of victimhood.

If only they taught empowerment classes in grade school! Think about what a difference that would make for our world.

Take this Self-Empowerment Assessment

I love assessment tools. They always provide some new insight.

A number of years ago I created my own where the focus is on empowerment.  This tool looks at 4 dimensions of empowerment: your confidence in the future, your confidence in your business or career, empowerment in life in general, and empowerment as a function of loving yourself unconditionally.  Download the Empowerment Assessment.

The themes you will find in my empowerment assessment tool are central to the way I listen to and coach my clients.

Human Design & Ontological Coaching are Effective Empowerment Systems

Human Design provides a structure to understand your authentic nature and how your energy functions. Ontologically-based coaching is laser sharp at supporting a person to shed conditioning and limiting beliefs. These 2 systems are talked about in detail in following sections.

It All Starts With Your Human Design

What is Human Design?

Human Design was discovered by Ra Uru Hu in 1987 during a profound mystical event. While the Human Design System is a truly unique methodology, it is inclusive of many ancient wisdoms:  Western astrology, the Chinese I Ching, the Kabbalah and the Hindu chakra system.  Human Design takes these ancient wisdoms and synthesizes them with quantum physics (specifically neutrino theory) and human genetics.

The result is a highly accurate depiction of how your energy works and provides an instruction manual for navigating life.

You’ve probably attended multiple personal growth seminars and read lots of books about manifesting change and creating success.  Maybe you’ve even studied specific techniques to help you release ‘blocks’ and get yourself ‘unstuck’. But it is likely you still haven’t seen the results you’ve been hoping for, even though you’ve been doing everything ‘right’.

One Size Does Not Fit All

It’s not your fault. The single most important reason you haven’t had the success you’ve been working so hard for is this: a one-size-fits-all approach to life does not work! All people are equally valuable and important.  Each of us has our own energetic blueprint and individual style of operating successfully in life.  What might work for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another. This is the beauty of Human Design: seeing the brilliance in uniqueness.

This was certainly my experience.  I was following current thought leaders and trying my hardest to do everything right, but I just couldn’t get traction. I was not meeting my potential and I blamed myself. I learned that as a Manifestor I am part of a small 8-10% of the world’s population, and, we live very differently than everyone else.  I wasn’t supposed to be following the thought leaders at all!  When I started following the tenets of my Design life took on a new ease and flow. My health improved and my energy increased.  Success came organically and in abundance.

Knowing Your Human Design Provides You with Information About Your:

  • Energy levels and life tempo
  • Optimal decision-making strategy
  • How we are socially oriented to ourselves and others
  • Where our inner wisdom, inner authority, resides and how to move through life
  • Our purpose in life
  • Our Soul Path/Life Path and trajectory in life
  • How our energy interacts with the energy of others

As you incorporate this information into your daily life:

  • Your decisions give better results
  • You are able to set clean and clear boundaries and be a better advocate for yourself
  • Your confidence and sense of self expands
  • Relationship dynamics make more sense
  • You will instinctively be in the right place at the right time and experience more synchronicity

There are many layers of nuance to each Human Design, but knowing the 4 major themes of your Human Design can be liberating.

Human Design Theory

Knowing Your Human Design is Empowering

I still vividly remember explaining to a colleague that he didn’t have a design with a lot of action-oriented energy and that I imagined that he tired somewhat easily.  In that instant, he reframed his personal story from that of “my life is winding down and I won’t live long” to “it is perfectly acceptable for me to plan lots of rest into my work week and not try to keep up with my wife.” 

Another client who is bursting with life force energy was down on herself for procrastinating and not trusting her own decision-making.  When I explained that she actually needed to allow new decisions time to percolate, but in the meantime could move full steam ahead on those things she was clear about, her whole life shifted…for the better.

Ontological Coaching – What Is That?

Ontology is The Study of Existence, Essence, Being and Becoming

Our words and use of language shape our experience of life, shape our personal reality. Language reveals the core values and beliefs that a person is operating from.  An experienced and gifted ontological coach listens through a client’s speach and actions to discern what is going on in that person’s being and sense of self.

If we think that something is hard, or if we speak that something is going to be hard to do, then that is likely what we will experience. If we think we aren’t good enough for _______________ (fill in the blank), then that is what we are going to project out into the world and likely experience. We are the creators of our reality.  Always.

The Power of Ontological Principles

I have worked with these ontological principles for the past 18 years and see over and over again that a person cannot outperform their internalized core values.  A client my say that they believe in self-empowerment.  They may promote self-empowerment in others and in themselves as well.  But, if they hold themselves as ‘not worthy’ in some way, that is the dominant core value and it will limit their ability to create a prosperous and satisfying life.

Money as an Example

I frequently work with clients around money issues.  Take for instance a person that is opening up a private practice in a service industry. A coach, a consultant, a personal trainer or a therapist. I often see these new professionals struggle with setting their fees and stating their fees to potential clients. They won’t/don’t set their fees high enough. They often give away free sessions for far too long. Or, my favorite, make assumptions about another person’s ability to pay and discount their fee and/or never ask them if they want to work together.

I can talk about this money topic for hours but let’s just dive into this last example:  making assumptions about a person’s ability to pay.  I hear a client say, “Oh, I don’t think they can afford my service.” My ontological ears perk up immediately. When we make assumptions about another person’s ability to pay we are making up a story! We think that our attention is on the potential client, but in that moment the attention is on us and the story we just made up.

Why make up this story? Perhaps you are afraid of someone saying NO and experiencing this as rejection. Perhaps you really don’t believe you are worth your fee. These are juicy areas to explore and clear up.

Your Actions Reflect Your Operating Beliefs

But there is a twist in this example.  One that I believe goes even deeper.  In our self-focus on such a money/service transaction and making assumptions about another person to protect our own sense of value, you are holding them less than able. You are holding them as ‘less than’. And in many cases you don’t even ask for the business which is essentially denying them their own decision-making!

Straightening out and bringing to light these fundamental beliefs, these invisible operating principles is what true empowerment is all about. When we get our core beliefs, our speech and our actions aligned, that is when a person gains traction in their life and starts a healthy cycle of creating that is sustainable.

I am happy to talk with you about how ontological concepts can support the change you seek.

Business-Focused Coaching

Has Traditional Business Coaching Left You Frustrated?

Traditional business coaching often follows a high-performance coaching model.  State your mission and vision. Create a project plan. And then frame everything you want to achieve in terms of SMART goals. SMART goals are: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. The coach’s job is to help you set up this structure, be your accountability partner and help you think outside the box when you get stuck.

The singular theme of this approach is action, action, and more action.

I was trained in these methods as an IT project manager and again in my coach training. I have run numerous multi-million dollar projects and brought them in on time and budget.

The Problem with SMART Goals

As a project manager turned professional coach, I quickly learned that this method is severely limiting when working with individuals. About 15% of my clients would succeed using this approach though it usually came at a cost to their quality of life.

SMART goals propel people into frenetic action and drive up a person’s stress and anxiety.

From the perspective of Human Design, SMART goals ALWAYS  shove a person out of their personal decision-making style. Honoring your own inner wisdom is the whole point of Human Design.

What Your Human Design Reveals About Your Business Process

Your Human Design reveals much about how you move forward in life and/or business. Are you more logically oriented, are more conceptual, are you highly individual and need to honor your unique approach? Do you need time to percolate on your choices or do you need to trust your gut and move quickly? (There’s much more…) Your Human Design determines a lot about the tempo and approach that is correct for you.

Understanding your Human Design supports your business process. When you go about the business of work and generating money in a way that is aligned with your Design, it is so much easier and fruitful.

A New Way to Set Goals: The Create Your Game Workshop

Goal Setting That Energizes You

We get clear on what you want to create and achieve by working through a process I created over 10 years ago as an antidote to the SMART goal approach. I call it the Create Your Game Workshop. It works amazingly well. I have friends and clients who I’ve taken through this process say how much they’ve achieved with so much ease.

Conditions of Satisfaction

Envisioning the future is still a critical step in making things happen. I take my clients through a process of determining their Conditions of Satisfaction. Conditions of Satisfaction: envisioning and naming what will make you completely satisfied. These are very different than SMART goals and influence you into a very different form of action.  How you frame your Considitions of Satisfaction is crucial and I work with my clients to find just the right words that are going to have the desired impact. But we don’t stop there.

The Vital Few

If we just listed our Conditions of Satisfaction we would still be tempted to fall into the trap of getting into massive, frenetic action by making lists and plans.  To insure sidestep that trap, we design your Vital Few. These are 2 or 3 actions to focus on every day.  And by focusing on your Vital Few your list of Conditions of Satisfaction come into being.

This approach has proven to be very effective. My friends and clients consistently share what they accomplish by simply focusing on their Vital Few. The secret? When we stop pushing and striving and start flowing and aligning our actions take on a new power.

Business-Focused Coaching – Pricing Example

Sue and Jane Were Going About Their Business Backwards

Sue and Jane (aliases) had a clearly defined business. They had the skills and competencies to make their vision come true. They were prolific product creators. They had made their first $100,000. And they were exhausted.

What have we shifted?  They were focusing their attention on creating more low-priced products.  This approach would never get them to the revenue target they are playing for.  They really didn’t need to create more product. They needed to package and reprice the offerings they already had.

We literally flipped their view of their products upside down. They were working from the bottom up. Now they are working top down.

Self-Worth and Price Setting

At the time they were checking me out they had raised their primary service from $1500 to $3000. As we started working together this service quickly went to $5800.  And shortly after that they created a premiere product offer at $25,000.  They are now successfully selling at both the $5800 and $25,000 level. How many items at $35 to $197 do you need to sell to match a $25,000 item?  They are now maximizing their product line and their fee reflects the value they provide.

Success Does Not Have to Be Hard

Sue and Jane have also shifted their relationship to money and work. An important angle for them to work on has been the idea that generating wealth doesn’t have to be ‘hard’. It does not have to exhaust you.  We’ve been exploring all those dimensions that drive up their stress and reframing and eliminating them.

They’ve now doubled their income and are experiencing joy throughout the majority of their work day. They are poised to at least double their income again in the coming year AND increase the qualities of their lives.

Business-Focused Coaching – Marketing Example

Is Marketing a Four-Letter Word?

I get many clients who have gone through traditional marketing programs and ‘business in a box’ programs. For many people they come out the other side feeling like a failure, a phony and that they’ve wasted a lot of money.

Traditional marketing puts us in the position of being the hunter. Always hunting for the next client. For many women this just does not feel right. It feels foreign and wrong. And it leaves them feeling like imposters. They label themselves failures when really it is the approach that doesn’t align with who they are.

Have You Been Learning to be a Hunter When You Are Really a Gatherer?

I approach marketing from the opposite direction. My marketing approach puts you in the position of being a gatherer. It is much more natural for women to identify with this.  The traditional approach has you working to ‘find’ clients. My approach has you work to become ‘findable’.

Joyful Marketing is Possible

Sally (another alias) was such a client. She wanted to know herself better and receive support to launch a coaching practice.

Sally had gone through a traditional marketing process where you determine your target market, identify that market’s pain, create your solution and build your marketing copy from that perspective. She did all the exercises. But she couldn’t own the results. She couldn’t take action. It left her utterly frustrated and feeling powerless.

When Sally and I started working together, she was clear she liked coaching. She liked helping people. She liked what coaching had done for her. She was not clear on her brand, that she had anything of value to offer and really who her favorite clients were.

Let’s Brand the Right Thing

Because Sally really didn’t know what she brought to the world, what her value was, I took her through a deep and intense branding process.  Again, traditional marketing has you brand your business, brand your offers.  I work with you to determine your brand as a business person, not your business, you!

Human Design and Branding

This is a beautiful method of working with your Human Design. We get clear on who you are, who you can’t help but be out in the world and in the market place.

We work through 5 dimensions of your brand: what you bring to the world, your unique talent, your relationship to growing wealth, how you best implement your gifts and how you keep expanding your work over time. The client creates brand statements for each dimension.

Owning Your Gifts Boosts Your Self-Confidence

This process is deeply soul-searching. As we worked through this process I watched Sally embrace her power, own her gifts and qualities, and grow her confidence. Now she is the position to work on her business proposition. Now she can talk about herself and her work.  Now she can become ‘findable’!

If You Can’t Own Your Gifts Nothing Will Work

I am working this same process with another client. She has always related to one of her biggest gifts as something to extinguish. That it wasn’t a gift at all. This was deeply influenced by her relationship with her mother. She is seeing the beauty and power of her gift for the first time and I am watching her increase her self-love, self-acceptance and confidence.

I was someone who never felt at ease with any of my marketing work until I found this method. I must have gone through these traditional marketing approaches at least 3 times and always felt ‘off’.  But not anymore…thank goodness. I encourage my clients to read their Brand Statements daily.  I still do!

Life-Focused Coaching

The Goal is Always Empowerment

To me, life coaching is all about personal empowerment. Yes, clients want very different goals: growing self-confidence, honing communication skills, creating structures that make daily life work are just 3 out of thousands of possibilities. I could teach a client a host of communication skills, but if that client doesn’t feel self-empowered, there will be little lasting improvement.

Expanding a person’s sense of empowerment is foundational. Then whatever practical goal they want to achieve is built on solid footing. Once self-empowered, any and everything is possible.

If you haven’t downloaded my Empowerment Assessment, I urge you to do so.

A Human Design Reading Set the Stage

Having a Human Design reading can be life-changing in and of itself. Through your Human Design reading you learn about your authentic energetic self. This sets the stage for being able to discern what is correct for you or not.

Cindy’s (an alias) goal in working with me was to learn to know that she mattered. A clear goal with a complex path.

Our time together included 2 in-depth Human Design readings that she deeply resonated with. She has a rare design that instantly says she does life different than the mainstream.

Can you imagine a life where every system was set up for a majority that you weren’t a part of? Think of all the negative messages that can get internalized.

Envisioning the Future From a New Perspective

We went through my Create Your Game Workshop which I’ve described in the section above. Determining her Conditions of Satisfaction and her Vital Few gave her new hope and easy steps for moving forward.

My Create Your Game process also removes the time pressures we put on ourselves when we create traditional goals. It is liberating.

Ontological Coaching Over 24 sessions

I do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to my coaching. I believe it is important to meet a client where they are.  What is happening in their daily life provides the stimulus for what coaching conversations need to take place.

Over the course of 24 sessions our conversations included such topics as:  living from responsibility vs. victimhood, giving herself permission to own her own timing, how to say ‘no’, how to approach conflict with her partner with new tools, how to stay grounded, over-functioning and rescuing others as a means of gaining approval and so much more.

I always weave the energy dynamics of a person’s Design into our conversations using the life situations of the moment.

The Value of Coaching Over Time

We ‘get’ Human Design intellectually far ahead of our ability to incorporate it into daily life.  We also ‘get’ empowerment concepts intellectually far in advance of our capacity to live from them day by day.

This is where time becomes our biggest friend and supporter.  Yes, there are times when we get epiphanies that shift us once and for all. It would be great if all personal development happened this way.  It is the learning of these new concepts and then the living of these concepts over time that creates permanent lasting change.

My role is to bring you the information and perspectives you need to stay on the path of transformation you desire to create.

Benefits of Human Design

What Clients Say About this Human Design Coaching Program

Hannah Gilmore, H Clarke-Gilmore Realty, hclarkegilmore.com

“Working with Cathy Rivers is the best decision I made this entire year. She has changed my life for good (and better). Stepping into Cathy’s unyielding wisdom and compassion transformed my struggles and self-loathing into clarity, strength, & success. I am still on the journey with her as my guide, but even after the first session I experienced immediate relief. It’s only continued to compound. Cathy’s ability to hold space for a person is astounding. Her insight is direct, tangible, and simple to apply to your daily life. She effortlessly translates the complexity of Human Design into practical language that conjures a multitude of “Aha!” moments.

However, if there was one thing I had to choose about Cathy’s transformational skills– it’s that she is utterly authentic. Her authenticity radiates into everything she brings to you as a client; it inspires you to embrace your own power and uniqueness, it creates safety to express yourself, it clears the way for you to truly see yourself with love. There really aren’t enough words to describe the impact of Cathy’s potency & mastery. So I urge you to connect with her and find out for yourself.”

Whitney Beard

“Cathy has been my coach for almost a year now and I love my results. She’s helped me understand who I am on a wonderfully deep level that makes it easy for me to accept, embrace and live into my unique gifts so I can show up in life as my authentic self. The combination of her top-notch Human Design knowledge plus her patience, intuition, caring and persistence makes her an amazing coach who I would recommend to anyone. The money I’ve invested in myself by hiring Cathy has been worth every penny. Working with her not only changed my now, but changes my future. She’s just the best!”

Candis Fox, Coach and Thought Leader, CandisFox.com

Coaching and Human Design with Cathy Rivers was the best investment in my own wellbeing that I have made in my 38 years of being alive. College was cool, but not nearly as effective for my successful life trajectory as everyone said it would be. Cathy is wise, loving, a brilliant strategist for ways of being, and incredibly skilled with the Human Design system. She explains the depth of Human Desin with clarity, kindness, and language that is easy to understand and apply – and all tailored to individual needs and experiences.

She helped me through my divorce and my transformation and alignment in my business. Cathy helped me become who I needed to be to level up my network and social circles that I feel so wholly nourished by.

I wouldn’t love myself or life as dynamically without her. Take her classes. Sign up for coaching. Have a 30 min conversation with her. You won’t see the world the same and you’ll feel a lot lighter and clearer for it. I gave myself the gift of her guidance and I treasure that even more than my childhood stuffed animal.

About Catherine Rivers

Catherine Rivers of Applied Human Design

About Catherine Rivers

What is there to say?  I can give you a traditional bio, but that is boring.  The truth is I just love Human Design.  I love it.  It is all I really want to talk about!

I’ve been studying Human Design for over 15 years and I am still learning.  The accuracy of Human Design never ceases to amaze me. The depth of Human Design always amazes me.  There is always something new to see and express.

I spent 20 years in the information technology industry implementing huge projects.  I was successful in that space due to my ability to simultaneously track a zillion interconnecting details and the overarching goals of the project.  I bring that same gift as I give Human Design readings to my clients. I want everyone to see the energetic nuts and bolts of who they are AND see the amazing person that they are.  It is all there, in their design.

Officially I am a Human Design Master Professional Consultant. I studied with Chetan Parkyn and continue to study and co-teach with him (to my utter delight).

I am also a Certified Professional Coach of 18 years. That training has me laser-focused on personal empowerment and the power of language.

I am adamant that all aspects of a Design are beautiful and empowering.  I have too many people coming to me having been told negative views of their Designs.  It breaks my heart!  My teaching of Human Design brings together a deep understanding of Human Design energy mechanics coupled with an empowering use of language that provides the client with a profound and transformational experience.

If you’d like to elevate your Readings, I will help you get there.

Much love,

Human Design Trainer

Do you want to talk about Human Design?  I always do!  Please grab 30 minutes on my calendar.  I am happy just to share.

The Human Design Coaching Program – Ingredients, Pricing & Registration

We Start with These 3 Sessions:

1) An initial Basic Human Design reading. During this reading we cover the energy mechanics and major gifts and qualities of your design.  2 hours minutes.  Read more about an initial Human Design Reading .

2) An Advanced Human Design reading where we dive into the genetic imprinting of your design and see how all the elements are interwoven to form the whole of you. 2 hours minutes.

3) My Create Your Game Workshop – I developed this process to help you articulate goals in a way that is empowering, fun to follow and surprisingly effective. The traditional form of setting SMART goals inherently sets us up to go AGAINST our Human Design rather than align WITH our Design.  (Smart goals only work for a small percentage of our population.)  My Create Your Game Workshop lasts 3 hours. We identify your Conditions of Satisfaction, Create Your Game, and identify your Vital Few Game Rules.

We Co-Create the Topics for 24 Transformation Sessions:

After the focused start to the Human Design Transformation Program, you receive 24 private sessions lasting 75-90 minutes each. Each session dives deeper your Human Design and empowerment concepts. You receive mentoring on how to apply this knowledge in your life and/or business. You will learn the secret power that happens when our ‘being’ unleashes amazing, tangible results.

Your Create Your Game statements inform me as to what your heart desires most and guides me in offering suggestions to you and to the best timing for them to unfold.

We co-create the specific topics for these sessions together. There is a large menu of topics for you to choose from.  Here is just a small selection.

  • Diving deeper in the mechanics of your Human Design as triggered by your own reading and experiences.
  • Empowerment concepts that support you to own who you are proudly and live and interact with others from a place of sovereignty.
  • Relationships and the interaction of our energies.
  • Branding yourself as a business person.
  • Silencing the inner critic. 
  • Effective decision-making
  • Finding your own tempo
  • Boundary setting
  • Creating a powerful relationship with money

There are ‘practices’ between sessions. I shy away from the word ‘homework’ because it implies ‘nose to the grindstone’. But you will always have action and awareness items to take away with you each session.

When people work with me long term, you are free to contact me for advice and support between sessions. 5 to 10 minutes of support when you are in the midst of your day and you want to make new choices is invaluable. I want my clients to have support in real time so they can take new and more effective action. 


  • Sessions will be scheduled approximately every 2 weeks.
  • We can shorten or lengthen that timing based on personal schedules/vacations or based on what is going on for you, the client. There may be a time where weekly support might be most beneficial.  You might want to have sessions monthly near the end of the engagement.
  • We do not need to get all of our sessions completed within a 12 month timeframe. I do believe that we should aim for no longer than 15 months, otherwise we haven’t created that container for transformative growth.

Payment Logistics

  • The fee for the year of mentoring is $11,750.
  • A one-time payment is always preferable.
  • A payment plan can be arranged.

 Getting started

The Starter Program – Ingredients, Pricing & Registration

Do You Need to Test the Waters Before Diving In?

This Human Design Coaching Starter Program is offered to give you a good taste of what it is like to work with me.

This offering is powerful as a stand alone program that can launch you on a new path and a new way of moving forward. You can easily extend this offering to work with your current needs.

What is Included?

This Starter Program has 4 sessions:

  • 2-hour Human Design Reading
  • 3-hour Create Your Game Workshop (described above)
  • 2 90-minute ontological coaching sessions that get you into action that flows versus pushes

The Fee

  • The cost of the Human Design Coaching Starter Program is $2095.

To Sign Up & Schedule Your Reading

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People have different decision making styles.  Some people need information in order to reach a decision.  Others need time.  While others may just need to connect with me and hear the sound of my voice and my choice of words.

Fill out this form to send me an email.  Or reach out with a phone call or text to:  360.480.0183.  I am happy to answer any questions that you have.  Cathy

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