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Welcome to my Human Design Blog on Human Design Theory and Empowerment

Today is January 5, 2022 and I am rebuilding my blog structure, updating my articles and preparing for a year of writing!  So pop back in now and then as I repopulate my articles and write new ones. 

I am particularly interested in helping my readers integrate Human Design into their everyday life. As you all know, we have to learn the concepts of Human Design intellectually, but we don’t get the benefits of our Human Design until we live from it. When we integrate our understanding of Design into our way of life, our way of being in the world, that is when we get the huge payoff. 

And secondly, the more we stand in our own personal truth and power the more we can create and manifest in the world. Our Designs are amazing and filled with potential and power. But if we are living our lives from a place of fear and victimhood we aren’t going to get the same results if we stand in responsibility, trust and unconditional love. 

My practice is a blend of these two vital modalities: know and embrace your Human Design while standing in responsibility, trust and unconditional love. When we can do that, stand back!  Anything and everything is possible. 

If there are topics you would like me to write on, I would love to get your input.  Just send ideas by contacting me by sending me an email.

Many blessings to you on your journey, Catherine

The Human Design Strategy of Waiting

Introduction to the Human Design Strategy of Waiting Wait to respond, wait for the invitation, and wait for 30 days.  These are the Human Design strategies for Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. I see so much confusion around this strategy of waiting and am writing to provide more clarity as to what it really means and how to incorporate proper waiting into your daily Human Design practice. Mis-utilizing the Human Design act of waiting is the number one reason...

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Human Design Without A Birth Time

How Important is Time of Birth To Human Design?  Very Important! And...You Can Figure It Out Following These 6 Steps An accurate birth time is critical to an accurate reading. There are always at least 4 gate changes during any 24 hour period.  These gate changes may or may not make a significant change in a chart.  Plus, there may be more than 4 Gate changes.  It is important to find out and assess the differences in the charts for your birth day and determine which Human Design is yours....

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Life as a Human Design Manifestor

Introduction I am writing this article as one Manifestor to another and to all of you who have Human Design Manifestors in your lives. I have been practicing and integrating Human Design into my life since 2008. And needless to say, it has been quite a journey.  We are a unique breed; just 8 to 10% of the population. And within that 8 to 10%, we are all fairly different from one another according to our inner authority, our profile, our defined centers and channels and our Life Purpose. It’s...

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Give an Awesome Human Design Reading

How to Give an Awesome Human Design Reading – 13 Critical Steps Giving a powerful Human Design reading is both art and science. You have the opportunity to create a life-altering moment for your client which is a gift for the both of you. The science side of an awesome reading is about knowing the material.  Knowing the nuts and bolts of the energy mechanics of Human Design and being able to convey those details in a conversational style.  It is about being able to convey the details AND the...

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Human Design and Life Coaching

The Power of Combining Coaching with Human Design  Human Design and Life Coaching....a brilliant combination! Any kind of coaching when combined with Human Design creates better results for clients.  Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Health Coaching, Wellness Coaching and even sports coaches can benefit from knowing their client's Human Design. You will be a better coach and your clients will get better results. Or, if you believe in the coaching process, have used or...

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