Applied Human Design Training Program

Applied Human Design Training & Certification Program

Level 1: Foundations Concepts – The Building Blocks of Energy

Offered Twice in 2024:  Starting February 7 or September 11

Welcome to Level 1 Foundation Concepts: The Building Blocks of Energy – 10 Classes

Anyone learning Human Design starts at square one by studying the components of a chart one component at a time.

We learn the components individually and then we learn how they relate to one another. Each Design really is a set of energetic building blocks (think legos) that come together in unique forms of human expression.

There is a conundrum inherent in studying Human Design:  We must learn Human Design mentally, one aspect at a time.  Yet the practice of Human Design is energetic and experiential!   I set up each class in this program to train participants from three perspectives:  Human Design theory, applying Human Design in our own lives, and how to support others from the energetic perspective of Human Design.

Human Design is complex. This class is organized to take you through the energetic building blocks of a Design in a logical progression. At the end of the 10-sessions you will be introduced to all of the major components needed to interpret a Design.

If you started reading about this program on this page, please read the Applied Human Design Training & Certification Overview to put the Level 1 sessions into full context. The program overview explains more about my core beliefs about Human Design and more about my approach to teaching. You can also learn more about how I approach Human Design by checking out the articles in my blog.

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Human Design Trainer
Human Design Expert Catherine Rivers

Is This Training for You?

Who is This Human Design Training For?

This training is open to anyone who has an interest in learning Human Design.

  • Have you read and listened to podcasts and want help tying it all together?
  • Do you want to understand more about your own Design? Or the designs of friends and family?
  • Have you had a reading but it just didn’t make much sense to you?
  • Are you interested in starting your own practice as a Human Design Reader?

These are all great reasons to participate in this class.

If you haven’t had a professional-quality Human Design reading as yet, I require that you do a reading with me prior to class. It is important that you have a deep experience of your Design. You can learn about and schedule that reading here.

Level 1: Foundation Concepts – The Building Blocks of Energy

Curriculum – The 10 Classes

#1:  Getting Oriented to Human Design

Getting oriented!  This is actually a core message of Human Design.  How to orient outselves in the world and honor our own life path. During this class we will get oriented to the study of the Human Design System as well as the logistics of generating Human Design charts and accessing class materials. 

  • The synthesis of ancient and modern wisdom
  • How our energy blueprint, our design, gets turned on
  • How we are meant to navigate life
  • The Wheel and Life Chart
  • A Tour of the Major Elements
  • Generating charts
  • Professional Code of Ethics
  • Your practices for the week

 #2:  The Human Design Energy Centers

The first component we study are the 9 Energy Centers. Just understanding these 9 energies enables you to discern much about a person’s energetic Design.

  • Review the reading:  The qualities and gifts of the 9 energy centers
  • The transition from 7 to 9 energy centers
  • Centers being either defined, undefined or open – why it matters
  • The impact of awareness, pressure and motion
  • Implications for capacity for action
  • Practices for the week

#3:  The 5 Human Design Types

We build on the foundation of the Energy Centers and dive into a primary aspect of Human Design. What is your Type? Is really a look at the way your aura, you auric field, operates.  While each Design is truly unique, at the surface level we belong to one of the 5 Types. 

  • Review the reading:  Generators and Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors
  • Their energy mechanics and the nature of their auras
  • Their unique strategies for moving forward in life
  • Design Types and their response to language
  • How you adjust your approach for each type
  • The language of each type
  • Your practices for the week

 #4:  Human Design Inner Authority

Type and Inner Authority are the 2 foundation elements of the Human Design System. Our Inner Authority functions as a person’s internal guidance system and determines how each person best makes personal decisions. Aligning with our Inner Authority is key to reaping the benefits of Human Design.

  • Review the reading: the 4 primary guidance systems
  • Your soul’s truth
  • Giving our minds the correct job
  • Decision-making is an energy mechanic
  • Inner authorities and tempo of decision-making
  • How to support each type of inner wisdom
  • How to adjust your style to match your client
  • Your practices for the week

 #5:  Human Design Channels as Special Gifts

Type and Authority define how we move through and forward in the world. Channels start to paint the picture of who we are with our special gifts and qualities. 

  • Review the reading:  The 36 channels and their qualities
  • Conscious versus unconscious
  • The gifts of channels versus gates
  • Single and the three split definitions
  • More understanding of tempo and decision-making
  • Practices for the week

#6:  Critical Human Design Concepts for the Practitioner

While we have been learning how to apply Human Design to life situations and challenges in the 1st 5 sessions, this session is the first deep look at how we apply this knowledge to supporting clients effectively and ethically. 

  • How to enter into agreements correctly
  • The nature of willpower
  • Discerning between the mind, willpower and inner authority.
  • Shedding familial and society conditioning
  • The strategic versus receptive brain and mind
  • Setting your clients up for success
  • Continuing the experiment

 #7:  The Gifts of the 64 Human Design Gates

As the Level 1 classes progress, we are going deeper into the Human Design components. The 36 Channels from class #5 are made up of the 64 Gates. Each Gate has its own unique gift and quality. We each have 26 Gates in our Design.

  • Review the reading: The 64 Gates & their properties
  • The significance of defined versus undefined centers
  • The yearning of Gates
  • Conscious versus unconscious gates
  • The importance of the gate in your conscious Sun
  • The Gates, The I Ching, the Wheel & our DNA
  • Applying this information in your work
  • Practices for the week

 #8:  The Human Design Circuits – Your Social Orientation

Human Design Circuitry is simply amazing. We will study the 5 primary circuits that can be found in a person’s Human Design. Understanding circuitry brings your analysis of a chart to a new level and increases your ability to support others in seeing their brilliance.

  • Review the reading:  Circuits
  • The 5 primary circuits:  logic, abstract, tribal, individual and self
  • The endless combinations
  • The influence of circuits in how we connect to life and each other
  • Your circuitry versus your client’s circuitry
  • Applying this information in your work
  • Practices for the week

 #9:  The Human Design Lines – Your Perspective & Point of View

Lines bring a rich nuance to your understanding of a Human Design chart and will be a focus throughout all 4 levels of the Applied Human Design Training Program. There are 6 Lines with 384 permuations! In Level 1 we begin our study with the basic 6 qualities. 

  • Review the Reading:  The Qualities of the Six Lines
  • The I-Ching
  • How the lines bring a rich nuance
  • Personal versus Transpersonal
  • Reading a person just by their lines
  • Unconscious versus conscious
  • Applying this information in your work
  • Practices for the week

 #10:  The Human Design Profiles – More Point of View

While some components can be found in other modalities (for example, the 64 Gates are mirrored in the IChing) Profiles are unique to the HumanDesign System. Profiles speak to how we most naturally interact with the world and the people around us. 

  • Review the reading:  The 12 Profiles
  • How profiles are determined
  • The concepts of Personal, Fixed and Interpersonal Profiles
  • Compatibility and resonance between profiles
  • Rare versus more common profiles
  • Applying this information in your work
  • Practices for the week

Your Human Design Mentor – Catherine Rivers

Catherine Rivers of Applied Human Design

About Catherine Rivers

What is there to say?  I can give you a traditional bio, but that is boring.  The truth is I just love Human Design.  I love it.  It is all I really want to talk about!

I’ve been studying Human Design for over 15 years and I am still learning.  The accuracy of Human Design never ceases to amaze me. The depth of Human Design always amazes me.  There is always something new to see and express.

I spent 20 years in the information technology industry implementing huge projects.  I was successful in that space due to my ability to simultaneously track a zillion interconnecting details and the overarching goals of the project.  I bring that same gift as I give Human Design readings to my clients. I want everyone to see the energetic nuts and bolts of who they are AND see the amazing person that they are.  It is all there, in their design.

Officially I am a Human Design Master Professional Consultant. I studied with Chetan Parkyn and continue to study and co-teach with him (to my utter delight).

I am also a Certified Professional Coach of 18 years. That training has me laser-focused on personal empowerment and the power of language.

I am adamant that all aspects of a Design are beautiful and empowering.  I have too many people coming to me having been told negative views of their Designs.  It breaks my heart!  My teaching of Human Design brings together a deep understanding of Human Design energy mechanics coupled with an empowering use of language that provides the client with a profound and transformational experience.

If you’d like to elevate your Readings, I will help you get there.

Much love,

Human Design Trainer

Do you want to talk about Human Design?  I always do!  Please grab 30 minutes on my calendar.  I am happy just to share.


“When I signed up for the Human Design training, my only experience with the modality was a little bit of work I had done with Cathy coaching me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was absolutely amazed at the depth we were able to cover in only 10 weeks of class. Cathy is a phenomenal teacher, and I appreciate that she went above and beyond the reading we did each week to learn about Human Design in real life experience.

As a coach, I will use the information going forward with my clients to help them be their most authentic selves. Even better, I will be able to use the information to understand and support my family and friends at a deeper level. If you have a coaching or therapy practice of any kind, you and your clients will benefit from the knowledge gained in the Human Design training.” 

Lisa Thompson, PhD, Mystic Manta Coaching


“HUMAN DESIGN TRAINING for Therapists and Coaches is a dynamic, informative and insightful class, and Cathy an outstanding teacher.  I’m very grateful I invested my time and energy in this course as it has both enriched my life and enhanced my supporting others.  I came to this training with 10 years of personal application of the Human Design System and 5 years of sharing it with friends and clients. I loved joining together with others, who share a genuine interest in assisting clients in being their most authentic and best selves, in learning more about Human Design.  Our diverse perspectives and varied Human Design experience contributed to thought provoking questions and fabulous discussions.

Cathy’s exceptional teaching and facilitation abilities kept the course organized, interesting and progressively integrating. I learned new information, along with broadened and deepened in my understanding and practical application of this phenomenal system, in every session.  The knowledge gained and wisdom applied continues to benefit both myself and others.  Thank you Cathy!” 

Barbara Novak, Life Coach, Minister

“I love Cathy Rivers! I could not recommend her enough. I had her read my human design chart and felt seen and recognized for the very first time. This changed my life. I have since taken a course with Cathy on reading HD for clients. In this course Cathy takes you on a journey where she shares her intimate knowledge of HD and helps you become a better coach able to use HD as a tool for your clients success. I keep checking her website for more offerings, she is so smart, kind generous, I would take any class she offered! Thank you Cathy!!”

Erin McArthur, www.erinmcarthur.com

Please check out all of my Google Business Reviews to get a sense of the work and response I have gotten from my clients over the years.

Class Dates & Logistics

Level 1 Training Dates & Times

Option 1:  February 7th thru April 10th – 10 sessions

Option 2:  September 11th thru November 13th – 10 sessions

These class are held on Wednesdays from 5:30pm to 7:30pm PST

Training Logistics

Registration and Payment


This class requires that you have had a professional Human Design Reading prior to the start of class.  It doesn not have to be have been provided by me.  If you have not yet had a professional reading and want to join this class, please schedule a Human Design Foundation Reading with me.

Costs:  10-Session Training

The cost of the 10-session training program is $1875.

If you have taken this course previously, you may audit this training for $375.

How to Register

To start the registration process, select the class you wish to join below.  The link will take you to my on-line application and scheduler.  It begins the process of reserving your spot.  Once you start your registration, do not stop! You can’tsave your work and come back to it.

Once you have completed the registration I will contact you regarding payment.  A non-refundable deposit of $500 will reserve your spot. he balance of payment is due before training formally begins on September 13th.

If you have questions about this program, please schedule a Discovery Session and I will get all your questions answered so you can make your decision.  I want you to have the information and the time you need to work your own decision making process. You can schedule via my Schedule a Discovery Session or call/text me at 360.480.0183.

Payment Options

Checks or Money Order are always preferred.  Credit cards can be invoiced via PayPal.  We can work out payment plans as needed.

Registration Links

Register for Level 1 Beginning February 7th, 2024

Register for Level 1 Beginning September 11th, 2024

Additional Consultations

Some of you may want to include private discussions with me regarding the material we are studying and/or how to apply the learning to specific Designs that are a part of your professional or personal life.  My private session fee for students is $250/hour.  You can schedule private sessions for the length of time that fits your needs and the fee will be prorated.  At anytime, during or after the training, you can purchase 5 hours of consultation and training for $1100.

Consider the Private Training Option

Ready to start now? Not interested in a classroom setting? Want deep private instruction? Want to really know everything I know?

Then consider this private one-to-one approach. We use the same course outline with a few additions. You not only learn the material in the deepest way possible, but you receive Human Design and ontologically based coaching from me. The transformation for yourself will be enormous.

This approach spans 42 sessions over approximately 18 months. The fee for this private mentoring approach is $17,850.

Please schedule 30 minutes on my calendar to get all your questions answered.

To keep reading the 4 levels of this program, this link will take you on to the Level 2: Applied Human Design Relationship Training description.

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