Human Design Training Certification

Applied Human Design Training & Certification Level 4

Human Design Readings, Coaching & Marketing

Offered Once in 2024: Starts February 12th

Welcome to Level 4!  14 Classes That Will Set You Up as A Human Design Professional

At the completion of Level 4 you will be able to deliver not only an impactful Basic Foundation Reading but also the Advanced Holistic Genetic Imprint Reading. If you’ve not had this style of advanced reading that delves into your genetic past, you might want to check it out.

Along with the readings, I will share the coaching concepts I have developed and honed over the past 18 years. It is these concepts and perspectives that allow me to go so deep so quickly with my clients. I want you to grow your facility with supporting your clients over time to integrate their Human Design and to shed their conditioning. It is all in how and what we listen for.

To put this training and certification to use out in the world, we have to connect with clients. Marketing is often a 4-letter word to most folks. It’s no wonder because traditional marketing so often disconnects a person from their Inner Authority. Have you experienced this? I will teach you how to turn that around and approach marketing from the foundation of your Design. It works so much better!

I am excited to help you put all of these ingredients together in a practice.  You will receive active coaching, instruction and support to build your business.  Let me show you how.

If you started reading about this program on this page, please read the Applied Human Design Training & Certification Overview to put the Level 4 sessions into full context.

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Human Design Expert Catherine Rivers

Who Can Apply

If you are new to Human Design, please start at the beginning with Level 1: The Building Blocks of Energy.

Anyone who has taken Applied Human Design Training Levels 1, 2 and 3 can apply for Level 4.

If you have not worked with me before but have extensive knowledge of Human Design and are interested in my certification program, let’s talk and see where you are.  Please schedule 30 minutes on my calendar.

About Applied Human Design Certification



 At then end of the Level 4 classes, you will be asked to provide a recording of you delivering a Basic Foundation Reading to a client. Upon review and approval, you will receive feedback on your reading and be certified as a Master of Applied Human Design.

Human Design Certification

Level 4 Human Design Training – 14 Session Curriculum

#1: Introduction & Setting the Stage to Readings, Coaching & Certification

This intro session is like most intro sessions! We will take stock of where you are in understanding and applying the basic and advanced energy concepts in your work with friends and clients. You will have a chance to share your own Human Design story and your greatest epiphany! We will review the curriculum for this Level 4 Certification so you can understand why I have ordered the sessions as they are. And lastly, you will get a preview of the holistic chart analysis checklist so you can apply this analysis to any readings you are currently giving. 

  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Review the Program’s Core Values & Ethics
  • A Fun Review of Basic & Advanced Components
  • Review of More Rare Components
  • Rate Your Competency
  • Identify Your Goals for Yourself
  • Preview of the holistic chart analysis checklist
  • Practices & Homework

#2: Goal Setting that Aligns with Human Design

As a large-scale project manager in a previous career, I can set goals and create project plans standing on my head! I observed early in my coaching career that traditional methods for setting goals and project plans rarely work with individuals and more often than not, create a great deal of suffering for the client. And, as I dove into the world of Human Design I came to realize that traiditonal methods do not honor, nor allow, a person’s Design to flourish and operate. 

Years ago I created a new approach to goal setting. One that puts a person in alignment with their Human Design, puts a person in right relationship to Time and leverges synchronicity. In this session I will take you through my Create Your Game Workshop and train you how to lead it with your clients. Participants will experience first hand the power of this method as you ‘play your game’ over the course of these Level 4 sessions. I use this method with all of my long term Human Design coaching clients and I promise you the results are astounding. 

  • The perils of traditional goal setting & project planning
  • A new approach to setting goals
  • The importance of completing the past before claiming the future
  • Conditions of Satisfaction
  • The Vital Few
  • Playing a new game

#3:  Holistic Chart Analysis

Penetrating chart analysis is the foundation for giving an effective reading and/or coaching. Whether I am meeting with a new prospect, giving an initial reading, or coaching a client on a specific life/business topic, I always do a comprehensive, holistic analysis of their Human Design chart. In this session I teach you my system for identifying 28 aspects of a person’s Design and how, over time, this leads you to be able to ‘see a chart at a glance’  Well, not exactly ‘at a glance’, but as your expertise increases you can prepare a chart in 12 to 15  minutes.

I believe that it is also crucial to appreciate the inherent energetic dilemmas in a chart that are shaping your client’s life. These dilemmas are most always present in a Design and they are not a detriment.  We must learn to speak of them as the strengths they are meant to be. In addition to working with your own charts, I will provide 10 charts for you to process and analyze. 

  • Working Through the Holistic Analysis Checklist
  • Seeing a Chart at a Glance
  • Identifying Inherent Energetic Dilemmas
  • Practices & Homework

#4:  Applied Human Design Coaching Theory

Imagine living your Design free from conditioning. You’d wake up every morning propelled forward by your own energies. Any blocks to that forward momentum is a form of conditioning. I will teach you to listen for the ways your clients are interacting with themselves, others and society. Your client’s speaking points directly to the conditioning that is blocking the natural expression of their energy. We will work with 10 principles that apply to all Types and Authorities. When delivered with clarity and kindness, they are extremely effective.

  • The Power of Words
  • The Power of Holding Space
  • The Goal: Guide Our Clients to Live From Their Design
  • 10 Life Perspectives That Dislodge Conditioning
  • Create a Clearing for Your Clients By Taking on the 10 Perspectives
  • Setting Your Own Energy to Deliver an Awesome Reading & Ongoing Coaching
  • Practices & Homework

#5:  Marketing Your Human Design Practice

Why go to all this effort to become a Human Design expert and not use that knowledge in operating your own business? I see people do this all the time. They learn about their Design and then sign up for someone’s one-size-fits-all marketing approach. The result is often one of frustration, feeling like a failure and wondering if they should be in business.

This is the 1st of 2 sessions focused on marketing your own business. We will identify your brand as an entrepreneur from the perspective of your own Design and start the process of creating your marketing statements. Traditional marketing is about selling. Marketing from the power of our Designs is about owning our gifts and being able to express them. 

  • The Magnetism of Authenticity
  • Marketing Approaches:  Hunter vs Gatherer
  • How to Develop Your Personal Human Design Brand
  • What Your Own Design Tells About Your Marketing Style
  • Developing Your Own Marketing Copy & Statements
  • Practices & Homework

#6:  Human Design Basic Readings

It is in the Basic or Foundational Human Design reading that you deliver the information derived from your holistic chart analysis. Even with a structured outline for a basic session, every reading is unique. We will explore the many variations that might take place and how to navigate them. A reading is an opportunity to provide a transmission to your client; managing your own energy is key to have this happen. 

  • The Purpose of the Basic Reading
  • Delivery Formats
  • The Basic Reading Outline
  • Creating Your Standard Introduction
  • How to Give an Awesome Reading
  • Speaking in Your Own Words
  • Managing the Session
  • Potential Pitfalls
  • Practices & Homework

#7:  Analysis for Advanced Readings – Revealing The Holistic Genetic Imprint

Isn’t an advanced Human Design reading just going deeper into the 30 dimensions that made up the holistic analysis for the Basic Foundation Reading?  In this instance, no. This advanced Human Design reading delves into the 26 energies of our genetic makeup. We tend to see ourselves in fragments. “I like this part of me but I don’t like that part of me.”

The Holistic Genetic Imprint reading pulls our 26 ‘fragments’ into cohesive themes, into a single chord of frequency. The impact for the client is an increased capacity to heal old wounds and to leverage inherent strengths. You learn to apply the messages transmitted at the line level to further empower your client. 

  • The Value & Purpose of Advanced Reading
  • Deeper Understanding of Planets
  • Deeper Understanding of Analyzing Lines
  • Stating the Lines in Your Own Language
  • Live Practice
  • Practices & Homework

#8: Marketing Your Human Design Practice – Going Deeper

During this session we will continue with work of marketing and business building from the foundation of your Design. Each participant will have their own unique approach to marketing. Witnessing how the different approaches flow from each participant’s Design provides insight on how to advise your own clients. 

  • Refining Your Human Design Brand
  • Presenting Your Statements
  • Events for Attracting Clients
  • The Implications of a Person’s Decision-Making Style on Your Business
  • How to Practice Human Design Principles in Building Your Practice
  • Supporting Clients in Their Marketing
  • Practices & Homework

#9: Applied Human Design Coaching – Practical Situations

People will come to you wanting insights, guidance and answers to particular situations.  Love, money and career are regular requests. While it isn’t appropriate for us to ‘tell’ a client what to do (this takes them out of their own authority) we can point to guidance contained within their Design. 

  • Common Life Situations Clients Are Seeking Answers To
  • Where to Look in Their Chart
  • Money
  • Career
  • Business
  • Love and Relationships
  • Personal Growth
  • Not Knowing What They Want
  • Practices and Homework

#10: Readings & Coaching for Teams, Groups, Families

There are endless ways to support teams, partners and families with Human Design. During this session we will explore the many ways we can leverage Human Design information in both personal and professional settings. I will be sharing formats and templates that I have used successfully over the years.

  • Review the 4 Human Design Composite Dynamics
  • Outlines & Templates for Coaching Teams with HD
  • Approaches for Coaching Partners with HD
  • Approaches to Supporting Families with HD
  • Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Practices and Homework

#11: Advanced Readings – A Deeper Dive into the Holistic Genetic Imprint

We will continue to master the elements of this style of advanced reading.  This requires expert level analysis and is the most challenging material of Level 4. But once mastered, never forgotten and your overall mastery of Human Design rises to a new level.

  • The Holistic Genetic Imprint Format
  • Telling the Story for Each of the 26 Planet/Line Combinations
  • Live Practice
  • The Deeper Themes for This Life Time That are Revealed
  • Practices and Homework

#12:  Basic Readings Practicum

It is time to bring it all together: holistic analysis, holding space, empowered speaking and reading for your client. We will practice in pairs during class and come back together to share experiences and insights. 

  • Group Practicum
  • Feedback & Group Discussion
  • Practices and Homework

#13:  Advanced Readings – The Holistic Genetic Imprint Practicum

Now the real test. Can you reveal a Holistic Genetic Imprint to a class participant? We will practice in pairs and come back together to share experiences and insights. 

  • Group Practicum
  • Feedback & Group Discussion
  • Practices and Homework

#14:  Celebration!

We will co-create the agenda together to cover any material participants want to review. And, after that we will CELEBRATE and envision our futures. 


For certification:

  • Be an active participant in the 14 class sessions
  • Engage with the practices and homework
  • Ask questions!
  • Deepen your own Human Design experiment
  • At the end of the 14 sessions, provide me with a recording of you delivering a Basic Human Design reading to a client.

Your Human Design Mentor – Catherine Rivers

Catherine Rivers of Applied Human Design

About Catherine Rivers

What is there to say?  I can give you a traditional bio, but that is boring.  The truth is I just love Human Design.  I love it.  It is all I really want to talk about!

I’ve been studying Human Design for over 15 years and I am still learning.  The accuracy of Human Design never ceases to amaze me. The depth of Human Design always amazes me.  There is always something new to see and express.

I spent 20 years in the information technology industry implementing huge projects.  I was successful in that space due to my ability to simultaneously track a zillion interconnecting details and the overarching goals of the project.  I bring that same gift as I give Human Design readings to my clients. I want everyone to see the energetic nuts and bolts of who they are AND see the amazing person that they are.  It is all there, in their design.

Officially I am a Human Design Master Professional Consultant. I studied with Chetan Parkyn and continue to study and co-teach with him (to my utter delight).

I am also a Certified Professional Coach of 18 years. That training has me laser-focused on personal empowerment and the power of language.

I am adamant that all aspects of a Design are beautiful and empowering.  I have too many people coming to me having been told negative views of their Designs.  It breaks my heart!  My teaching of Human Design brings together a deep understanding of Human Design energy mechanics coupled with an empowering use of language that provides the client with a profound and transformational experience.

If you’d like to elevate your Readings, I will help you get there.

Much love,

Karen Curry Parker

Do you want to talk about Human Design?  I always do!  Please grab 30 minutes on my calendar.  I am happy just to share.


From past Human Design training participants:

“When I signed up for the Human Design training, my only experience with the modality was a little bit of work I had done with Cathy coaching me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was absolutely amazed at the depth we were able to cover in only 10 weeks of class. Cathy is a phenomenal teacher, and I appreciate that she went above and beyond the reading we did each week to learn about Human Design in real life experience.

As a coach, I will use the information going forward with my clients to help them be their most authentic selves. Even better, I will be able to use the information to understand and support my family and friends at a deeper level. If you have a coaching or therapy practice of any kind, you and your clients will benefit from the knowledge gained in the Human Design training.” 

Lisa Thompson, PhD, Mystic Manta Coaching


“HUMAN DESIGN TRAINING for Therapists and Coaches is a dynamic, informative and insightful class, and Cathy an outstanding teacher.  I’m very grateful I invested my time and energy in this course as it has both enriched my life and enhanced my supporting others.  I came to this training with 10 years of personal application of the Human Design System and 5 years of sharing it with friends and clients. I loved joining together with others, who share a genuine interest in assisting clients in being their most authentic and best selves, in learning more about Human Design.  Our diverse perspectives and varied Human Design experience contributed to thought provoking questions and fabulous discussions.

Cathy’s exceptional teaching and facilitation abilities kept the course organized, interesting and progressively integrating. I learned new information, along with broadened and deepened in my understanding and practical application of this phenomenal system, in every session.  The knowledge gained and wisdom applied continues to benefit both myself and others.  Thank you Cathy!” 

Barbara Novak, Life Coach, Minister

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Class Logistics

Training Detailed Logistics

  • The classes held via Zoom. I use a format where we can all see and talk together, simulating a classroom experience.
  • Classes are held approximately every TWO weeks to allow participants time to work with class material
  • Level 4 spans 8.5 months.
  • We will use Chetan Parkyn’s book “Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be” and his “Book of Lines” as text books for this class. Also:  “The Definitive Book of Human Design: The Science of Differentiation” by Lynda Bunnell and Chetan Parkyn’s “The Book of Destinies”
  • I provide handouts and charts for each class that augment any assigned reading
  • There will be assigned reading AHEAD of most classes.  The lecture for that class will BUILD on the assigned reading material, and I will share information and insights not found in texts.
  • Homework and practices will be assigned each session to guide your study
  • Classes will be recorded and distributed the next day

Would you like to talk in person?

Dates/Times & Fees

Dates & Times

Level 4 Certification Training begins on February 12th, 2024 and ends on September 9th, 2024. (Think big celebration!)

All classes are held on Mondays from 5:30pm to 7:30pm PST.

The 14 class dates are:

  • February 12
  • February 26
  • March 11
  • March 25
  • April 8
  • April 22
  • May 6
  • May 20
  • June 3
  • June 17
  • July 22
  • August 5
  • August 19
  • September 9

Costs:  14-Session Certification Training

The cost of the 14-session training program is $4200.

Text Books

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    A non-refundable deposit of $500 will reserve your spot.

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