Advanced Human Design Training

Advanced Human Design Training: A Master Class


Have you been a student of Human Design for a while now?  Have you reaped benefits from living into your Design?  Are you sharing Human Design with others or using it in your practice? Do you want more? Are you ready to go deeper?

Then this advanced Human Design training may be just what you are ready for.  Or are you just beginning your Human Design journey?  If so, then check out my 10-week Human Design Training for Coaches and Therapists.

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How Advanced are Your Human Design Readings?

The 4 Stages of Human Design Analysis

Learning Always Starts on the Left, Studying One Component at a Time


With the Right Guidance You Learn to Give Holistic Readings that Relate to Your Client’s Life

What Does it Mean to be a Holistic Human Design Reader?

Know the Fundamental Human Design Building Blocks

When we first learn and work with Human Design, we start by learning the individual components that make up a Design.  We learn about Type and Authority.  About Profiles and Channels.  About Incarnation Crosses aka Life Themes.  Maybe we dive into learning about the individual Gates or take on understanding Lines.

We all start out studying and applying these basics in order to comprehend and communicate the nature of a Design.  Just learning these ingredients is powerful and can be life changing for yourself and others. I teach you the foundational components of Human Design in my training for coaches and therapists. 

But it doesn’t stop there.  There is so much more.

Integrate All Human Design Components

When we grow our capacity to integrate all of the components together, the power of our analysis and communication of a person’s Design expands exponentially.

For example, you no longer just see a Generator Design.  Then see they have a 5/1 Profile.  Then check to see that they have Emotional Inner Authority.  You ‘get’ that they are a 5/1 Emotional Generator and would instantly understand how different this Generator is to the 1/3 Sacral Generator you worked with the other day.

You start to see groupings of Human Design components as integrated super-components.  Your analysis becomes holistic and you can convey a Human Design as a whole.

The Depth and Breadth of Holistic Analysis

The simple example above just used 3 components:  Type, Inner Authority and Profile.  How many components can be integrated?  How about 20, easily.

The Basic Components

      • Type/Aura
      • Inner Authority
      • Profile
      • Life Theme/Incarnation Cross
      • Energy Centers
      • Channels
      • Gates

More Advanced Components

      • Lines
      • Circuits
      • Planets
      • The Wheel/Human Design Mandala
      • Life Path/Soul Path
      • Transits
      • Retrogrades
      • Returns
      • The Four Quarters
      • Variables
      • Definitions
      • Tempo
      • Openness

Can you even imagine the possible number of combinations from just these 20 aspects of a Human Design? It is in the millions.  As we grow our capacity to recognize these traits individually and then synthesize them holistically our readings and interpretations carry more and more accuracy.

Deliver the Information in the Client’s Language

We all want the delivery of a Human Design reading to be accurate and impactful. It is what we are here to do!

We increase accuracy as we learn to see the individual components in a holistic manner.  The impact of a Human Design reading increases when we speak and transmit the information in the client’s language, the client’s energetic framework.

If you are working with a client who is predominately logical in their mental constructs, that is how to best convey the information, logically.  Step by step.  Speak about how this can assist their future.  If you, as a practitioner, are more conceptual, this begs that you adjust your communication style to better match your client.

If you are working with a Manifestor, please don’t ask them questions.  If you are reading for a Projector, using an invitational style will do wonders.  If you are reading for a Generator or Manifesting Generator you will know if you you are reaching them by witnessing their sacral responses.  This list is endless.

The ability to shift your delivery style to match your client increases as you understand both your Design and your client’s Design holistically.

Why Learn Human Design at Such a Deep Level?

Because the better we can see the beauty and power of a Design, the better we can convey that beauty and power to a client, and the better they can step into and own their own magnificence.

You will use your own Design as the first place to practice this information.  Over the course of 6 months/12 sessions your understanding of your own energetic makeup should grow profoundly.

Advanced Human Design Training – 12 Session Curriculum

#1:  Reviewing the HD Building Blocks

These components always serve as the foundation of a Human Design. Mastering these building blocks is essential.  Once mastered, additional energetic aspects have a framework to plug into and your capacity to integrate accelerates. 

    • Type
    • Authority
    • Profile
    • Life Theme/Incarnation Cross
    • Channels
    • The Integration of These Basics
    • Delivering the Human Design Reading – Focus #1: You Are More Than Enough
    • Practices & Homework

#2:  The Wheel

The Human Design Mandala, the Wheel, holds immense wisdom. We will start to unlock the mysteries of the Wheel (the insights never cease) and learn how to leverage its wisdom to deepen our understanding of energy.

    • The 4 Quarters
    • The movement of the Sun, Nodes & Planets
    • Seasons and Time
    • Yin and Yang
    • How to use this information to deepen your understanding of a particular Human Design
    • Delivering the Human Design Reading –  Focus #2: Your Role as a Transmitter
    • Practices & Homework

#3:  The Circuits

Circuits, in and of themselves, convey tons of information.  In the hierarchy of Human Design components circuits actually land above Channels and Gates. You can do a Human Design Reading just from understanding and translating a client’s Circuits.

    • A deeper dive into the major Circuits:  Collective Logical, Collective Abstract, Tribal, Individual & Integration
    • The Centering Circuit
    • The Mystical Circuit
    • The circuits of plants, mammals & insects
    • How to weave the wisdom of Circuits into a Reading
    • Delivering the Human Design Reading – Focus #3: Collect Your Own Stories: Trust Your Own Voice
    • Practices & Homework

#4:  Gates

The 64 Human Design Gates set the framework for the 64 states of consciousness, the 64 states of what it means to be human, that are expressed through a person’s Human Design. It becomes important to memorize the Gates and their essential meaning. Once you have that body of knowledge, then integrating your understanding of a Gate, its Circuit, its Quarter, its Channel is possible.  Now you are on your way to a more holistic expression of energetic qualities.

    • Gateways of Energy
    • Neutrinos
    • Gates and the Human Design Mandala
    • A Reflector and their Gates
    • The Life Theme/Incarnation Cross
    • Delivering the Human Design Reading – Focus #4: Support Your Client to Embrace, Not Fear, Uniqueness
    • Practices & Homework

#5 and #6:  Lines

There are 384 distinctly different Gate/Line combinations in the Human Design System. Do you want to memorize them all? Heck no! Do you want to understand them and anticipate what you will discover when you refer to the Rave I-Ching or Chetan Parkyn’s Book of Lines? Yes! Do you want to be able to appreciate the essence of a person’s lines without having to look up each one? Yes! 

    • A deeper look at the 6 Lines
    • The strengths and vulnerabilities of each Line
    • The Love/Fear continuum
    • How to study Lines
    • What to pay attention to for an initial reading
    • What to pay attention to for an advanced Human Design reading
    • The magic of certain Gate/Line combinations
    • Delivering the Human Design Reading – Focus #5: Relate All Aspects of Readings To Your Client’s Life
    • Delivering the Human Design Reading – Focus #6: Managing and Guiding the Reading
    • Practices & Homework

#7:  Energy Centers

Energy Centers and their mode of definition say so much about how a person is likely to receive and absorb conditioning. Living in alignment with our Energy Centers, Type and Authority supports health. When we are out of alignment with our Designs, we can look at Energy Centers for clues to resolving chronic illnesses and unhelpful mental perspectives. 

    • From 7 Chakras to 9 Energy Centers
    • Embryo development and the Energy Centers
    • The miracle of the G-Center/Self Center
    • The value and the lessons of Openness
    • How Energy Centers get fixed
    • Energy Centers and illness
    • Delivering the Reading – Focus #7: The Power of Your Words – Choose Them Wisely
    • Practices & Homework

#8 and #9:  The Planets

The intersection of a Planet with a Gate/Line forms yet another dimension of integration.  The Planets bring their own energy on both the conscious and unconscious sides.  Understanding how planets relate to each other and how they influence Gates/Lines brings a rich nuance to your holistic analysis of a Human Design chart. 

    • The Conscious Planets
    • The Unconscious Planets
    • Where to focus based on your client’s coaching request
    • The potential source of a client’s deepest wound
    • Planets in Retrograde: a Human Design perspective
    • Planetary Returns
    • Uranus Opposite and the Nodes
    • Generational Themes
    • Anticipating the Future
    • Delivering the Human Design Reading – Focus #8: Assessing What Is Most Critical To Share
    • Delivering the Human Design Reading – Focus #9: Your Clients Will Teach You; Trust the Process
    • Practices & Homework

#10:  The Big Change – 2027

2027 marks a major shift in the background frequency supporting our world. The effects of this shift are being experienced today. Are you confused and possibly alarmed by the social and political upheavals happening worldwide?  Understanding this global energetic shift explains a lot.

    • A deeper look at the Self Center/G-Center
    • The nature of background frequencies
    • Our current frequency &  its socio-political implications
    • The frequency for 2027 and beyond
    • How to use this information to ground yourself and your journey
    • Delivering the Human Design Reading – Focus #10: Holding Space During the Reading
    • Practices and Homework

#11 and #12:  Holistic Analysis & Integrated Readings

The first 10 sessions are designed to bring in advanced levels of information as well as support participants to be able to analyze and communicate the information.  It is a lot!  These last 2 sessions will focus on deepening your capacity to see the details of a Design AND the whole of the Design simultaneously.  Magic will happen as you bring forth your own holistic perspective.

    • Q and A
    • Practice Charts
    • Common Life Circumstances & Conditions
    • The Holistic Analysis of Your Own Design
    • Developing your own approach to holistic analysis
    • Growing your confidence in holistic analysis
    • Delivering Empowered Readings

Training Approach, Logistics and Dates


The Approach to Advanced Human Design Training

We will meet every 2 weeks in a seminar format on Zoom.  We will all be able to see each other which creates a lovely group experience.

The 12 sessions of this program will span 6 months. I want to give you all enough time between sessions to really work with the material.

Each session builds on the previous sessions with a focus on integrating the layers together.

Seeing a Human Design holistically isn’t of value if you can’t deliver the information with confidence and clarity.  To that end, each session includes a focus tip on ‘Delivering the Reading’.

I am always available between sessions to answer quick questions.

Each session:

      • presents new information
      • supports participants to see Designs holistically
      • has time to answer questions from previous questions
      • provides information on delivering empowered readings
      • provides handouts and practices to support primary texts
      • is recorded so you can replay the session for your own learning tempo and style

Advanced Human Design Training Logistics

        • 12 virtual webinar-format classes held via Zoom
        • Classes are held on Monday nights from 6 :00 pm to 8:00 pm PST.
        • Classes are held every TWO weeks to allow participants time to work with class material
        • Total class duration is 6 months
        • Classes start on February 13, 2023  and end about August 7th
        • Each class is approximately 2 hours in length
        • We will use Chetan Parkyn’s book “Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be” and his “Book of Lines” as text books for this class.
        • Optional readings:  “The Definitive Book of Human Design: The Science of Differentiation” by Lynda Bunnell and Chetan Parkyn’s “The Book of Destinies”
        • There will be assigned reading AHEAD of each class.  The lecture for that class will BUILD on the assigned reading material, and I will share information and insights not found in texts.
        • Homework and practices will be assigned each session to guide your study
        • Classes will be recorded and distributed the next day
        • The cost of this training program is $2750

Class Dates 2023

        • Feb 13
        • Feb 27
        • Mar 13
        • Mar 27
        • April 10
        • April 24
        • May 8
        • May 22
        • June 26
        • July 10
        • July 24
        • Aug 7

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Your Human Design Mentor – Catherine Rivers

Human Design Master Consultant

About Catherine Rivers

What is there to say?  I can give you a traditional bio, but that is boring.  The truth is I just love Human Design.  I love it.  It is all I really want to talk about!

I’ve been studying Human Design for over 15 years and I am still learning.  The accuracy of Human Design never ceases to amaze me. The depth of Human Design always amazes me.  There is always something new to see and express.

I spent 20 years in the information technology industry implementing huge projects.  I was successful in that space due to my ability to simultaneously track a zillion interconnecting details and the overarching goals of the project.  I bring that same gift as I give Human Design readings to my clients. I want everyone to see the energetic nuts and bolts of who they are AND see the amazing person that they are.  It is all there, in their design.

Officially I am a Human Design Master Professional Consultant. I studied with Chetan Parkyn and continue to study and co-teach with him (to my utter delight).

I am also a Certified Professional Coach of 18 years. That training has me laser-focused on personal empowerment and the power of language.

I am adamant that all aspects of a Design are beautiful and empowering.  I have too many people coming to me having been told negative views of their Designs.  It breaks my heart!  My teaching of Human Design brings together a deep understanding of Human Design energy mechanics coupled with an empowering use of language that provides the client with a profound and transformational experience.

If you’d like to elevate your Readings, I will help you get there.

Much love,

Do you want to talk about Human Design?  I always do!  Please grab 30 minutes on my calendar.  I am happy just to share.


From past Human Design training participants:

“When I signed up for the Human Design training, my only experience with the modality was a little bit of work I had done with Cathy coaching me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was absolutely amazed at the depth we were able to cover in only 10 weeks of class. Cathy is a phenomenal teacher, and I appreciate that she went above and beyond the reading we did each week to learn about Human Design in real life experience.

As a coach, I will use the information going forward with my clients to help them be their most authentic selves. Even better, I will be able to use the information to understand and support my family and friends at a deeper level. If you have a coaching or therapy practice of any kind, you and your clients will benefit from the knowledge gained in the Human Design training.” 

Lisa Thompson, PhD, Mystic Manta Coaching


“HUMAN DESIGN TRAINING for Therapists and Coaches is a dynamic, informative and insightful class, and Cathy an outstanding teacher.  I’m very grateful I invested my time and energy in this course as it has both enriched my life and enhanced my supporting others.  I came to this training with 10 years of personal application of the Human Design System and 5 years of sharing it with friends and clients. I loved joining together with others, who share a genuine interest in assisting clients in being their most authentic and best selves, in learning more about Human Design.  Our diverse perspectives and varied Human Design experience contributed to thought provoking questions and fabulous discussions.

Cathy’s exceptional teaching and facilitation abilities kept the course organized, interesting and progressively integrating. I learned new information, along with broadened and deepened in my understanding and practical application of this phenomenal system, in every session.  The knowledge gained and wisdom applied continues to benefit both myself and others.  Thank you Cathy!” 

Barbara Novak, Life Coach, Minister

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Advanced Human Design Training

Registration and Payment

Is This the Right Training for You?

If you are new to Human Design, this class will just overwhelm you and leave you more confused than informed.  Please check out my foundational Human Design class.  All you need to join this class is a fascination for Human Design, be in a people-oriented profession and have had an in depth Human Design reading.

Ideally, you will have a good grasp of the basics:  Type, Authority, Profiles, Channels, Energy Centers and Incarnation Cross.  Even better, you can draw a blank body graph and fill in the energy centers, channels, and gates.

How to Register

To start the registration process, Click to Register, which will take you to my on-line application and scheduler.  It begins the process of reserving your spot.

If you have questions about this program, please schedule a Discovery Session and I will get all your questions answered so you can make your decision.  I want you to have the information and the time you need to work your own decision making process. You can schedule via my Schedule a Discovery Session or call/text me at 360.480.0183.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 will reserve your spot.

The balance of payment is due before training formally begins on February 13th.

Costs:  12-Session Training

The cost of the 12-session training program is $2750.

Text Books

We will be using 2 books written by Chetan Parkyn, “Human Design:  Discover the Person You Were Born to Be”  and “The Book of Lines”.  These books are available via my website or on Amazon.  They have been in print long enough that there are less expensive, used copies available.  The Book of Lines won’t be referenced until the 2nd half of the training.

For those participants that are more advanced, I will also be assigning optional materials out of Lynda Bunnell’s, “The Definitive Book of Human Design: The Science of Differentiation.”

Payment Options

Checks or Money Order are always preferred.  Credit cards can be invoiced via PayPal.  We can work out payment plans as needed.

Ready to register for this training?

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People have different decision making styles.  Some people need information in order to reach a decision.  Others need time.  While others may just need to connect with me and hear the sound of my voice and my choice of words.

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