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The Traditional Bio

Cathy subscribes to the tenet that one size does not fit all.  With her keen insight she brings her clients the information they are missing so they can leverage their innate gifts and talents.

Here are highlights from Cathy’s background that inform her perspective on coaching, authenticity and leadership:  A Girl Scout since the age of 8; a classically trained violinist; inter-disciplinary studies at The Evergreen State College; over 20 years as an information technology executive working with large-scale, global business systems and numerous multi-million dollar implementation projects; 16 years of study with thought leaders on coaching, empowerment and leadership while bringing these concepts to private clients; an equestrian, horse breeder and trainer; on-going study of Human Design and a lifetime commitment to supporting others to be successful.



  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Human Design Master Professional Consultant
  • Certified Money Breakthrough Method Coach

Cathy’s Human Design Bio

Cathy is a Splenic Manifestor with a 4/6 Profile with the Life Theme of Transference (Contagion).

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