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Late in 2022 I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Elizabeth Alexander about Human Design.  Elizabeth is simply amazing.  She has 2 active businesses:  Smiling Soul Fitness and her latest, Energy Healing with Elizabeth. I encourage you to check out her entire “Exploring Healing Arts” podcast series.  Her energy and enthusiasm for life is infectious. 

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Elizabeth’s introduction of this Human Design Podcast:

“Catherine Rivers shares how Human Design can help you step into and embrace more of who you are. She shares how she fully recovered from burnout and illness after learning to trust Human Design, and how this experience informs the way she coaches others.

Cathy guides us through a foundational overview of Human Design, discusses how anchoring to fear or love can change how we express ourselves and encourages us all to live more deeply in ourselves.

This episode reveals how Human Design can be a helpful guide to releasing external motivations, pressures and ‘shoulds’ in order to experience better alignment, flow and momentum in life.”

Quotes from the Podcast Elizabeth highlights in her show notes: 

11:49- “We talk about human design as we each get to be unique. The big lesson is to honor our uniqueness, rather than fit in. ‘How do I fit in by being unique?’ is really the way I like to think about it.”

14:46 “Those norms–family norms, cultural norms, societal norms–they set up lots of shoulds. ‘I better. I should. It’s the way,’ and we get externally driven. And what I love about human design is it helps us become internally driven.”

22:05 “Human design is an experiential modality. You don’t think about your inner authority, your inner authority just guides you.” 

34:40 “Everybody can be successful. I truly believe everybody can get to the finish line at the same time. There’s no good design, bad design, one design isn’t faster than another or more effective. But if we are in alignment with our design, then there is this flow, this momentum that happens and we all get to the finish line at the same time.”

40:55 “I was a really good people pleaser for many, many years, and human design helped me to absolutely turn that one around as well.”

41:11 “By living into ourselves, it is, I truly believe, it is the most generous thing we do for the people in our lives. It’s an act of generosity. It is not an act of selfishness. We can give more by being whole and who we are, and we are giving authentically.”

43:50 “There is nothing negative about any aspect of human design, at all. If you end up conversing with somebody who paints any aspect of human design as negative, run. Don’t let it in. We do not need another modality that says you are ‘inherently wrong’… There are writings and speakings out there where that negative aspect of dimensions of a design sneak in, and that just breaks my heart.”

45:10 “The big piece about human design is that our minds aren’t very good at making decisions for our own personal path. That is the purpose of inner authority. Our minds are brilliant, we want to use them correctly, but they’re not good personal decision makers. They’re good at gathering data, but the moment your mind tries to figure something out for you you have totally stepped away from your inner wisdom.”

50:41 “When we work with our energetic make-up instead of against it, it creates this environment that allows all sorts of amazing healing to take place. We stop fighting at the DNA level. What can that do?”  

Embracing your Uniqueness through Human Design with Catherine Rivers

by Elizabeth Alexander | Exploring Healing Arts Podcast Series

Elizabeth, I can’t thank you enough for creating a wonderful container for our conversations.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Cathy

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Human Design Podcast

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Catherine RiversCatherine Rivers is a Human Design Master Professional Consultant and a Certified Professional Coach. She brings to her clients 20 years as an Information Technology Executive, 16 years as a life and business coach and 13 years of deep study of Human Design. Do you seek transformation? She is a natural catalyst; intuitive, profound and effective. You can find her at www.catherinerivers.com.