How Important is Time of Birth To Human Design?  Very Important!

And…You Can Figure It Out Following These 6 Steps

An accurate birth time is critical to an accurate reading. There are always at least 4 gate changes during any 24 hour period.  These gate changes may or may not make a significant change in a chart.  Plus, there may be more than 4 Gate changes.  It is important to find out and assess the differences in the charts for your birth day and determine which Human Design is yours.

Please, don’t work with anyone who suggests that you can just use noon if you don’t know your time of birth. Some Human Design calculators offer this option. It can be completely wrong and therefore steer you in a totally wrong direction.

It is common for clients to come to me and wonder if I can do their Human Design without a birth time.  Most often I can figure it out. I am going to walk you through the process I use to analyze my way to a person’s Human Design.

If you want support from an experienced Human Design reader, I offer to determine a person’s Design as a part of any Human Design reading.  We spend time before your official Human Design reading to determine the key aspects of your design and how deep we will be able to go in the reading.

Without a precise birth time there are aspects of your Human Design Chart that you won’t be able to discern.  Most of these aspects are advanced, such as your Variables, and are not needed at all for an initial Human Design reading or for doing your own research.  There may also be Line differences that can’t be determined unless you dive deep into the practice of Human Design and gain your own experience of your energy.  But these Line differences don’t detract from the value of an initial, foundational Human Design reading either.

Examples of 4 Human Design Charts Occurring in One Day

Let’s look at an example of the changes that can occur in a 24-hour period and then I will get into the how-to steps.

Human Design without birth time

These 4 charts were taken in the order shown at 3am, 3pm, 4pm and 7pm. Here are the highlights of the changes that occur:

      • 3am is a 4/6 Sacral Manifesting Generator with 4 channels: Inspiration, Perfected Form, Struggle and Discovery
      • 3pm is a 4/6 Splenic Manifestor with 4 (different) Channels: Inspiration, Perfected Form, Struggle, Judgement
      • 4pm is a 4/1 Emotional Manifestor with 5 (different) Channels: Inspiration, Perfected Form, Struggle, Judgement, Emoting
      • 7pm is a 5/1 Emotional Manifestor with 4 (different) Channels: Inspiration, Perfected Form, Struggle, Emoting

These changes are major.  For this person there are only 3 Human Design Channels that remain constant over the 24-hour period.  While this can provide good information, the more powerful information of Type, Authority, and Profile are not consistent and must be researched.  While I don’t cover Incarnation Cross/Life Theme in this article, that major component also shifts in this example.

This series demonstrates the numerous changes in Type, Authority, Profiles and Channels that can occur in 24-hours.  Many of these changes occur because of the change in the Gates of the Moon.

6 Steps to Zero In on Your Human Design When You Don’t Know Your Birth Time

Here are the steps I go through to figure out a client’s Human Design Chart when they don’t know their time of birth. When I work with clients one-t0-one, there are numerous questions that I ask them that help to triangulate to the correct design. You will take a similar approach by doing your own reading and looking for the key distinctions that are different in your chart.

Step 1: Generate 13 Charts

Generate a design for every 2 hours of your birth day, starting at 12:01am and ending at 11:59pm. You will generate 13 charts. Print them off. You will need to be able to compare charts side by side.  Now, my Human Design software has a lovely feature that allows me to advance the time on a chart incrementally by minutes, hours or days.  So I have the ability to do this process much more quickly and only print off charts when I see a Type/Authority/Profile/Channel/Gate change.

Line your charts up in order by time of day.

Step 2: Assess Each Chart for Changes

Assess each chart for changes. Below are the changes I look for and the order that I would do them using the method I am teaching you. If you don’t know anything about reading a Human Design Chart and the supporting data, you can find a detailed description of Human Design Chart components here.

Change in Human Design Type?

Change in Type. Type, along with Authority, are the 2 most important aspects of your Human Design.  Get these wrong and you will go off on a wild goose chase about how you are.

It is quite possible to have multiple changes in Type throughout the day.  There are 5 Types to watch for:  Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector.  Look at the chart metadata/summary data for this information. Highlight any changes in Type from the previous chart in your time sequence. 

Remember, you always compare the chart you are focusing on to the previous chart in your time sequence. 

Change in Human Design Authority?

Now look for changes in Authority:  Emotional, Sacral, Splenic, Self, Ego, Mental and Outer/None.  (These are the original labels; some calculation engines are altering these labels.) You will find charts generated with the original labels at Jovian Archive.  Highlight any changes in Authority from the previous chart.

Change in Human Design Profile?

Look for changes in Profiles. You can look at the meta data or summary data on the chart or by paying attention to the change in Line of the Conscious and Unconscious (Black or Red) Sun.  Some 24-hour periods may see up to 3 Profile changes. Some may have no changes in Profile.  Mark any changes from the previous chart.

Change in Human Design Channels?

Now look for changes in Channels.  Sometimes Channels disappear.  Sometimes we get additional ones over the 24 hours.  Count the number of Channels in each of the 12 charts. As in the example at the top of this article, you may see the same number of Channels in a chart, but they will have been swapped for a different one!  Mark any time you see a Channel change from the previous chart.

Change in Human Design Gates of the Moon?

Human Design Without Birth Time

The gates of the Moon change every 11 hours.  In any 24-hour period they will change twice.  So look at the Gate for the moon.  On both the Red and Black sides and find the 4 changes.  You can see examples of where to find the Gates of the Moon on the example above.  Mark when the Gate of the Moon changes from the previous chart.

Step 3: Cull Your Set of 13 Charts to the Vital Few

You have done your first level of analysis. Great!

Layout your 13 charts in order from 12:01am to 11:59pm.

Pull out any charts that do not have any changes from the previous chart.

What remains should be a progression of charts that show change over time.  At a minimum you should have 3 to 6 charts that show changes in the Gates of the Moon.

Step 4: Research the Differences to Zero In On Your Chart – No Major Changes

So now you should have the charts in front of you, for your birth date, that are different from one another.

Are you one of the lucky ones with very little change in your chart? Let’s see:

If each chart has the same Type, Authority, Profile and the exact same Channels, you have gotten off easy!  Your changes in the Gates of the Moon have not altered the major aspects of your Design. Go ahead and start using these key data points in researching your Human Design.  You can feel confident in learning the basics of your Design, which isn’t basic at all, rather quite profound.

Do you have the same Type, Authority and Profile, but have one change in your Channels?  This still is quite good and you can do research on Type, Authority and Profile and feel confident that information is good for you.  Research the Channels that are consistent in all of your charts and know that you can rely on this information to be correct as well. Often you can read the information about the one Channel and easily recognize if it is meant to be in your chart or not.

Step 5: Research the Major Differences to Zero In On Your Chart

But what if there are changes in either Type, Authority, or Profile as well as Channels? Now you have to get into the analyst role and do some deeper research or just call me and let’s work together.  

Again, this is the order that I use in my analysis.

Was There a Change In Human Design Type?

Was there a change in Type?  Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor or Reflector? You can read about these types on the internet or in any of the books on Human Design such as Chetan Parkyn’s Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be.

Getting Type correct is imperative. And we often get this instinctively wrong.  Why? Because often we’ve been acting our whole life out of sync with our design. So we think how we have been doing life is normal and we might look for that in our reading about Human Design Types.

I find clueing into the Human Design Not-Self Themes to be helpful:

      • Do you have tons of energy throughout the day but often find yourself pushing to make things happen and end up frequently frustrated?  This might point you to being in the Generator or Manifesting Generator family.
      • Does your energy fluctuate a bit during the day? Do you see what others don’t see but get pushback or non-engagement when you share? Do you often find yourself feeling bitter or resentful? Phrases like: Why aren’t people choosing me? Why don’t they see what I have to offer? They don’t respect me? This might suggest you are a Projector.
      • Manifestors have a strong energy but it can come in bursts, not always consistent. When something gets in the way of a Manifestor they can experience anger.
      • Reflectors see the potential and the opportunity in everything and everyone. Disappointment is the Not-Self Theme of Reflectors.

Is There a Change In Human Design Authority? 

If all the charts for your birth day have the same Authority, this is fantastic. Your Authority is the one true key to your Design.  In an ideal world, it is all we need as our Authority is what helps us to navigate life.  If Authority is a constant for your day, just dive into learning about it and integrating your Human Design Authority into your daily life.

If you have changes in Authority in your charts, then this requires more reading and research.

You can read about these types on the internet or in any of the books on Human Design such as Chetan Parkyn’s Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be.

Three Authorities make up 94% of the total.  These are Emotional at 51%, Sacral at 33.5% and Splenic at 9.5%.  If you have the potential of having one of the more rare Authorities (Self, Ego, Mental or Outer) read into the material you find very carefully. If you can’t discern what is correct for you, please schedule a free 30-minute Discovery session and let me help you sort it out. I have a very soft spot when it comes to people who have rare Human Design Authorities.

Is There a Change in your Human Design Profile?

Do you have a change in your Profile?  There are 12 different Profiles and some 24-hour periods can have up to 3 Profile changes as was shown in the example.  The Profiles are quite different from one another and with careful reading you should be able to recognize yourself in the correct one.

Is There a Change in Your Human Design Channels?

In the grand scheme of things, Channels are also fairly straight-forward.  If through reading one source and are still confused, don’t give up.  Check out a variety of sources and find the author whose language most resonates for you.

Is There a Change in Your Human Design Gates or Gates of the Moon?

If you’ve had a change in your Channels, then you also will see a change in your Gates.  If a Gate shows a change but the previous aspects of Type, Authority, Profile and Channels are all the same, just save this information for later.  The different Gates are fascinating, but not the most important aspect to learn and incorporate first.

If you get the Human Design bug, then you can work to figure out which Gates are correct for you.

Step 6:  Are You Confident You Have Found Your Human Design Without a Birth Time?

You made it through this analysis, congratulations!!  These are the basic steps I used for years and I still feel confident about the results I got for clients.  Today, knowing far more than I did in the early years, there are more factors that I can take into account to be super confident that we are working with the correct chart.

I hope you feel confident that you have determined your Human Design chart.  Remember, there are aspects of the chart that you must not rely on if you go on to do advanced work with your Human Design:  the arrows will likely not be correct, Variables change by the minute, not all of your Lines may be correct.  But these are only necessary for advanced understanding and will not negatively impact you learning the fundamentals of your Human Design.

If you aren’t confident in determining your Human Design Chart without birth time, please consider letting me assist you.

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Catherine RiversCatherine Rivers is a Human Design Master Professional Consultant and a Certified Professional Coach. She brings to her clients 20 years as an Information Technology Executive, 16 years as a life and business coach and 13 years of deep study of Human Design. Do you seek transformation? She is a natural catalyst; intuitive, profound and effective. You can find her at www.catherinerivers.com.