How to Give an Awesome Human Design Reading – 13 Critical Steps

Giving a powerful Human Design reading is both art and science. You have the opportunity to create a life-altering moment for your client which is a gift for the both of you.

The science side of an awesome reading is about knowing the material.  Knowing the nuts and bolts of the energy mechanics of Human Design and being able to convey those details in a conversational style.  It is about being able to convey the details AND the big picture at the same time.

The art side of a Human Design reading is all about delivering the information for the greatest benefit and highest service for your client. This dimension is about your energy and the frequency of your own vibration.

When I sat down to write this article I quickly sketched out the 13 steps I practice with each reading. They are all equally important and, in total, contribute to the delivery of a truly awesome Human Design reading.

We will start our discussion with the assumption that your client has found you and scheduled a reading with you.

How to Give an Awesome Human Design Reading

1. You Collect Their Birth Information & are Confident You are Working with the Correct Data

It all starts with the correct birth information.  Everything flows from having highly accurate data.

I triple check the birth information as much as I can.  If I am taking the information down by hand, I always read it back to my client.  If they have sent it to me I always check to make sure that we are on the same track when it comes to a.m. versus p.m.

Mixing up time of day is a common issue and very important for you to discern. Sometimes a client will only send me their chart and want me to read it for them.  I never do this. I always calculate the chart myself based on their birth data.  I’ve surprised a number of clients by showing them their true chart versus the one they calculated incorrectly.

Believe me, you only make a mess of collecting the birth information once.  Take extra pains to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

What if your client doesn’t know their exact time of birth? This can be a huge stumbling block.

I have seen advice on the internet that says to just use noon as the estimated time.  Please do not do this! In the span of a 24-hour day, I have seen a chart change profile three times, change Type, change Authority, change Definition, and change Channels and Gates.  Everything can change.

There will always be a design change in any 24-hour cycle.  Both the conscious and unconscious Moon transit to a new Gate every 11.04 hours. The Moon stays in a single line less the 2 hours.  So there will be 6 different Gates for the Moon on any given day.  Sometime the impact is minor; and sometime it changes the fundamental aspects of a chart.

And this is just the Moon.  All the planets are in motion; transits are ongoing.

If you know how to analyze your client’s Design changes for the 24-hour cycle and can query them accurately, you can triangulate to their Design with a good measure of confidence.  If you do not know how to do this, please be mindful about how you choose proceed. Sometimes the Type and Authority are stable for that day.  Go ahead and read for that.  That much is safe.

A Human Design reading can change the course of your client’s life. Please keep their best interests in mind and don’t overreach your expertise.  With study and experience you can learn to do this. Be patient with yourself.

2. You Deliver Your Human Design Reading in Support of Your Client’s Current Place in Life

I use an online intake form and gather some general life and/or business information from my client when they schedule a Human Design reading. I want to gain insights as to their current challenges and what they are seeking through this reading.

People who reach out to a Human Design reader are generally open about where they are in life: their successes and their struggles.

I ask for this information so I can put their Human Design reading in the context of their life. This knowledge allows me to bring in examples that are pertinent to their own life experience. When we take effort to make the reading relevant to their life view, our clients gain more benefit.  The reading comes alive for them and they can relate to the information that is shared.

We increase the positive impact of the reading; our clients go away with a greater capacity to incorporate their energy mechanics into their daily life.

3. You are prepared

Now it is time to do your chart analysis. Every Human Design reader will do this a bit differently depending on your level of knowledge and expertise and how deep your reading goes.

The most basic Human Design reading may just be introducing your client to their Type, Authority and Strategy. When you are just starting out as a reader, this may be more than enough for you to prepare for and still give your client a profound experience.

A basic and well-rounded first reading ideally includes: Type, Authority, Strategy, Life Purpose, Profile, Definition and Channels.

Do you know and understand these components of your client’s chart?

Do you understand the nature and qualities of your client’s Channels?

Are you reading for someone who has a different Type and Authority than you? Can you let go of your own experience of energy and help your client experience theirs?

Some aspects are rarer. There will always be the first time you read for a Reflector. That first time you read for someone with a self-projected inner authority.

Read and re-familiarize yourself with all the aspects of your client’s chart. Make the notes you need to prompt your memory.

Look at the individual components of your client’s Human Design and then step back and see the totality of their Design. All aspects of a single Design relate to all other aspects. There is always total continuity. Each and every Design is perfect and beautiful.

Be prepared to speak to the details of their Design and the wholeness of it.

4. You Anchor Your Energy Before the Session Begins 

And now it is time to be a Human Design reader and get energetically prepared. I believe this step is important for any professional that is about to engage with a client. I do this before all of my client meetings.

I always start shifting my focus and grounding my energy 15 minutes prior to any Human Design reading. I am in my chair and making sure all the materials I need are at hand. I’ve logged on to Zoom well in advance of the appointment time and know that my connection and computer are doing fine.

I review my client’s chart and refresh my memory of their intake questions. I bring them into my mind and look forward to meeting them.

I shake out any stresses from my own world that might be hanging out in my energy field. For me this looks like some deep breathing and reminding myself that all is well. If there are upsets in my own life at the moment I assure myself that it will all work out, that it always does.

I get to the space where there is nothing between me and my client.

If I am traveling to an office space or a client space, I make sure that I always arrive 15 minutes early and go through these same grounding steps.

If your life is fast-paced, lots going on, and possibly chaotic, great!  Just don’t bring it into a reading.

Our job as Human Design readers is to support the expansion and clarification of our client’s energy and authentic nature. We can’t do that if our energy is dominating and overwhelming the space.

Develop the practice of compartmentalizing your own life from your readings. Stop your own natural busy-ness about 15 minutes prior to a session. Ground yourself in pure presence. Be there for your client.  Totally.  When the session is over, fire up your own life again and go be you!

5. Set Your Attitude Before the Reading

This aspect is similar but has a different twist to the previous step of grounding your energy before you read. Step 5 is more about your mental energy and mental orientation.

When you are starting out as a Human Design reader it is common to worry a bit about your ability to deliver a quality Human Design reading. Are you going to be good enough? Is your client going to have a positive experience? Will you remember everything? Are they going to ask questions you can’t answer? Will they refer you? Will they come back for more and be an on-going client?

These types of thoughts are human. They are part of the maturing process.

But realize that when you focus on these thoughts during the reading, then the reading is more about you than it is about the client. It really does get in the way of delivering a powerful reading.

So as you await the arrival of your client you ground your energy and you center your mind and attitude.  Your focus goes completely to your client. You let go of your own worries and personal thoughts in service to another.

You trust in your preparation and in yourself. That is all that is necessary.

6. You Speak Only in Positive and Empowering Terms

Now it is time to engage with your client and begin the Human Design reading. Your words will be your words and you will deliver the information that you have prepared.

We all share the information a bit differently, as we should.  We are all unique beings after all.

But, while I said that all of the 13 steps were equally important, if I had a step I felt was the most important it would be this one.

All Designs are amazing and brilliant and awesome.  All aspects of Designs are equally brilliant.  There is absolutely nothing negative about the energies and aspects of any Human Design.

All the language we use to deliver an inspiring and transformational reading must be positive and empowering.

Our society and its messaging has made so many people feel bad about themselves.  The last thing we should do is add to this burden.

I have heard too many Human Design readers convey that certain aspects of a Design are bad or hard to live with. I can hear pity in their voice when they share a person’s Design. Even the writings of some of my favorite mentors carry a negative tone now and then.

If you cannot see the beauty in every single aspect of Human Design, go back to the drawing board. Do your work. Look to find the empowering story in each and every aspect.  Because it is there.

Question anyone who has provided you with a negative story. Please don’t buy into it.

Human Design is a pure empowerment modality. It is here to show us our own beauty and awesomeness.  This can only happen if we use empowering and positive language. Then we will deliver a totally empowering reading.

To the extent that this is hard for you to do, this is where your own personal work is.  This points to the places in your own self that need healing, love and reinterpretation.

Here is another way to think about this concept and how to reframe it.

Begin with this basic, fundamental truth: all Designs are perfect.  This truth is your non-negotiable stand.

It is only society’s messages, fears, beliefs, and values that paints anyone’s Design in a negative light. To the extent that society defines an aspect of a person as bad or inferior or dangerous, that is a force that a person has to stand up against. Is it easy?  Not necessarily. But the person’s Design is absolute and perfect. How they interact with the world and hold fast to their own sovereignty is what we all deal with.

When we deliver a totally empowering reading, we give our client the information they have likely been craving so they can be an advocate for their own sovereignty.

7. You Deliver the Human Design reading in Your Own Voice 

No one wants to be read to out of a book when they are seeking guidance, insights and advice. People know when you are parroting someone else’s material versus when you are speaking from your own depth of experience.

Strive to deliver your client’s Human Design reading in your own voice. Use your own words. Develop your own examples and analogies based on your experience.

Take the time to develop your own unique expression of Human Design concepts. Sure, there are labels and keywords that should always stay constant. But how you describe and transmit the substance of the concepts will be more powerful when it comes straight from you.

8. You are Relaxed and Allow the Divine to Speak Through You

The more you relax during the Human Design reading the more you can partner with the Divine. I can’t tell you how many times during a reading a little voice inside me is remarking, “Cathy, you have never said it like that before.” And I am always a bit startled at the freshness and rightness of it all.

The people you read for will pull different voices and phrases out of you. It is just a function of your combined energies. The more you relax, trust in your own preparation and trust in the Divine, this will happen to you more and more. And when it does, the reading is even more perfect and on target for your client.

9. You Take into Account Your Client’s Energetic Design and Adjust Your Communication Style to Match

This takes time to master. Believe me. But it pays off.

Years ago in a communication seminar, the trainer taught us that if we wanted to be understood that we must adjust our communication style to match that of our audience. If we wanted to be a frustrated communicator, just go ahead…always expect everyone else to adjust and understand our style.

That was 40 years ago and I have spent a lifetime working to be the best communicator I can be.

What’s so wonderful about Human Design is that it gives us tons of clues as to our client’s communication style.

Are you speaking to a Projector? Use language and phrasing that is invitational in nature. If you are working with a Manifestor, refrain from using questions and just deliver the information straight. Do they have the same Profile as you? Then chat away. Are they primarily Tribal? Speak in terms of support.

The list of clues is endless.

Consider what you know about their Design and what you need to do to ‘speak their language’. Your client will be able to hear you so much easier. Your words and your voice will penetrate in a deeper way.

With thoughtful communication you increase the potential to leave a lasting and positive impact.

10. You Stay Off the Court

This is a term that was used in my coach certification program.

We were trained to let our clients make their own decisions and run their own lives.  We can’t take on their stuff for them. We can’t be a good coach if we are on the court; our job is to stay on the sidelines.

This same concept applies to our work as Human Design readers.

I frequently get clients that want specific advice such as: should I be in relationship with this person, should I take this job, do I think such and such is a choice?

When we answer these questions we are robbing our clients of their own Authority.

The whole point of Human Design is to connect, with and partner with, our Authority. The whole point. Any time we step on the court and answer such questions we delay our client’s growth.

Don’t do it.

Always direct your client back to their Authority. Help them get connected to it and learn to integrate it into their daily life.

When you deliver a powerful and accurate Human Design reading then the answers are all there for the client to uncover. Trust in the process.

Empower your clients by directing them back to their own inner knowing, their own sacred truth. That is what Authority is, after all.

11. You Wrap Up Your Reading by Going Back to Type and Authority

End the reading by returning to their Type and Authority. During the course of your reading you’ve introduced them to their numerous energetic gifts and qualities. Your client has hopefully laughed and possibly cried along the way.

You want your client to go away with clear next steps.

Bring them back to the vital concepts of Type and Authority, reinforcing that all they have to do is follow their Design.

12. You Ask Them if They Have Any Questions

I’m sure you’ve asked your client if they have any questions.  But ask again.

And, because many people will process and ponder your reading over time, I offer to answer any quick questions they have via email or text.  It’s a nice thing to offer and only a few clients have ever made use of it.

13. You Leave Them with a Recording or Detailed Report   

Any Human Design reading is jammed packed with information, new lingo and concepts. It’s a lot to take in. It is actually too much to take in in that one sitting.

Personally, I record all my readings and send copies to my clients. They are then at choice in how they work with and take in the information I shared.

There are good canned Human Design reports on the internet or you can make your own.

In Conclusion

An awesome Human Design reading is an amazing experience for both the client and the reader. The more you read for clients, friends and family while practicing these concepts, the more your readings will flow and grow in power.

Work on both the science, the nuts and bolts of your reading, as well as the art of being totally present and empowering and your readings will become true vehicles of transformation.


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Catherine RiversCatherine Rivers is a Human Design Master Professional Consultant and a Certified Professional Coach. She brings to her clients 20 years as an Information Technology Executive, 16 years as a life and business coach and 13 years of deep study of Human Design. Do you seek transformation? She is a natural catalyst; intuitive, profound and effective. You can find her at www.catherinerivers.com.