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There is nothing I love more than to witness people create and achieve what they desire.  I have brought together a treasure trove of empowerment, professional development, leadership and money tools to support the transformation my clients seek:  primarily ontological coaching, performance coaching and Human Design.

My Tools

As an ontologically trained life and business coach I listen very deeply to where a person is out of alignment. Ontology…a weird word.  Ontology is the study of being. Are you confident? Don’t we all want to be confident? But, if deep inside you struggle with confidence, your language and actions give you away.  This is what I listen for.  How you are  wanting one thing but behaving in an opposing manner. I listen for how you hold such attitudes as confidence, personal power, responsibility, and self-love.  I help you resolve and move past these types of inner dilemmas.

I added the Human Design System to my coaching toolbox in 2008 because it is so amazingly accurate in describing a person’s personality traits, how their energy operates and how they best navigate their world. It makes immediate, transformative change possible.

How Do You Learn

Human Design helps me know how a person processes information, how quickly they make decisions, what they value, their special gifts and qualities, and much, much more. My clients continually tell me how deeply I understand them in such a short amount of time, that the insights I provide are profound and that they are able to work on challenging topics while feeling completely safe and supported.

My 18 years as a coach and 15 years as a Human Design expert were built on a 20-year career as a technology exec.  I spent 2 decades leading large-scale projects and fostering collaborative teams. That part of my career taught me tons about seeing projects through from conception to installation.  And, it taught me tons about burnout and going about work in all the wrong ways possible!

Material Success AND Fabulous Quality of Life

I want my clients to flourish and succeed in life without damaging their health nor quality of life.  This is what I am here to help you manifest.

Please, enjoy checking out my website. Read further down the page to learn more about Human Design, what’s included in a Human Design Reading, Ontological Coaching, the shortcomings of High-Performance Coaching and an overview of my Readings and Coaching Programs.

And most importantly, contact me.  Schedule a 30-minute free consult.  Let’s talk.  I am happy to answer your questions and share a bit about what I see in your Design and how it relates to your current endeavors.

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An Introduction to the Human Design System

What is Human Design?

Human Design was discovered by Ra Uru Hu in 1987 during a profound mystical event. While the Human Design System is a truly unique methodology, it is inclusive of many ancient wisdoms:  Western astrology, the Chinese I Ching, the Kabbalah and the Hindu chakra system.  Human Design takes these ancient wisdoms and synthesizes them with quantum physics (specifically neutrino theory) and human genetics.

The result is a highly accurate depiction of how your energy works and provides an instruction manual for navigating life.

You’ve probably attended multiple personal growth seminars and read lots of books about manifesting change and creating success.  Maybe you’ve even studied specific techniques to help you release ‘blocks’ and get yourself ‘unstuck’. But it is likely you still haven’t seen the results you’ve been hoping for, even though you’ve been doing everything ‘right’.

One Size Does Not Fit All

It’s not your fault. The single most important reason you haven’t had the success you’ve been working so hard for is this: a one-size-fits-all approach to life does not work! All people are equally valuable and important.  Each of us has our own energetic blueprint and individual style of operating successfully in life.  What might work for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another. This is the beauty of Human Design: seeing the brilliance in uniqueness.

This was certainly my experience.  I was following current thought leaders and trying my hardest to do everything right, but I just couldn’t get traction. I was not meeting my potential and I blamed myself. I learned that as a Manifestor I am part of a small 8-10% of the world’s population, and, we live very differently than everyone else.  I wasn’t supposed to be following the thought leaders at all!  When I started following the tenets of my Design life took on a new ease and flow. My health improved and my energy increased.  Success came organically and in abundance.

Knowing your Human Design provides you with information about your:

    • Energy levels and life tempo
    • Optimal decision-making strategy
    • How we are socially oriented to ourselves and others
    • Where our inner wisdom, inner authority, resides and how to move through life
    • Our purpose in life
    • Our Soul Path/Life Path and trajectory in life
    • How our energy interacts with the energy of others

As you incorporate this information into your daily life:

    • Your decisions give better results
    • You are able to set clean and clear boundaries and be a better advocate for yourself
    • Your confidence and sense of self expands
    • Relationship dynamics make more sense
    • You will instinctively be in the right place at the right time and experience more synchronicity

There are many layers of nuance to each Human Design, but knowing the 4 major themes of your Human Design can be liberating.


Human Design Theory

Knowing Your Human Design is Empowering

I still vividly remember explaining to a colleague that he didn’t have a design with a lot of action-oriented energy and that I imagined that he tired somewhat easily.  In that instant, he reframed his personal story from that of “my life is winding down and I won’t live long” to “it is perfectly acceptable for me to plan lots of rest into my work week and not try to keep up with my wife.” 

Another client who is bursting with life force energy was down on herself for procrastinating and not trusting her own decision-making.  When I explained that she actually needed to allow new decisions time to percolate, but in the meantime could move full steam ahead on those things she was clear about, her whole life shifted…for the better.

What is a Human Design Reading?

What is a Human Design Reading?

A basic or foundational Human Design Reading starts with the calculation of your personal design using your date of birth, time of birth and birth location.  The result is a graphic called a bodygraph that contains all the information needed for a human design expert to educate you about your design and your energy blueprint.

If you’ve calculated your Design using my free bodygraph calculator or another calculator the internet and want to better understand how to read the report on your own, check out my blog post: “How To Read a Human Design Chart So It Isn’t a Mystery.”

During an initial reading we delve into the gifts, qualities and attributes that make you uniquely you.  Ahead of time, I always ask you what issues you are currently working through and I frame the information I share in terms of your actual life situations and how your energy interacts with those around you.

We cover the following information:

  • Your energy levels, life tempo and how your energy is best meant to interact with the world around you: your Type and Strategy
  • Knowing where your inner wisdom resides, how to access it and relate to it, how to guide your own decision-making process: Your Inner Authority
  • The concept of willpower and how to enter into agreements. Most of us don’t have consistent access to willpower!  We need to be aware in how we choose our commitments.
  • We will delve into your social orientation: are you primarily a social, tribal or staunch individual?  A combination? This relates to your Circuits and Lines.
  • Understanding your special gifts, the language you best respond to and your need for recognition and acknowledgement: Your Channels as well as a holistic view of your total Design.

What You Get

Initial readings last 90 minutes.  I do my work over Zoom video conferencing.  All Human Design sessions are recorded.  A link is sent to you following your session so you can download our talk to your personal files and future review.

Want to schedule a Human Design Reading?  Follow this link to my Calendar.  I am always happy to answer your questions about human design via a complimentary 30-minute conversation.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me by scheduling a Human  Design Discovery Session.

Every Human Design is Unique and Brilliant

Human Design Bodygraph
Human Design Bodygraph
Human Design bodygraph

What is Ontological Coaching?

Ontology is The Study of Existence, Essence, Being and Becoming

Our words and use of language shape our experience of life, shape our personal reality. Language reveals the core values and beliefs that a person is operating from.  An experienced and gifted ontological coach listens through a client’s speach and actions to discern what is going on in that person’s being and sense of self.

If we think that something is hard, or if we speak that something is going to be hard to do, then that is likely what we will experience. If we think we aren’t good enough for _______________ (fill in the blank), then that is what we are going to project out into the world and likely experience. We are the creators of our reality.  Always.

The Power of Ontological Principles

I have worked with these ontological principles for the past 17 years and see over and over again that a person cannot outperform their internalized core values.  A client my say that they believe in self-empowerment.  They may promote self-empowerment in others and in themselves as well.  But, if they hold themselves as ‘not worthy’ in some way, that is the dominant core value and it will limit their ability to create a prosperous and satisfying life.

Money as an Example

I frequently work with clients around money issues.  Take for instance a person that is opening up a private practice in a service industry. A coach, a consultant, a personal trainer or a therapist. I often see these new professionals struggle with setting their fees and stating their fees to potential clients. They won’t/don’t set their fees high enough. They often give away free sessions for far too long. Or, my favorite, make assumptions about another person’s ability to pay and discount their fee and/or never ask them if they want to work together.

I can talk about this money topic for hours but let’s just dive into this last example:  making assumptions about a person’s ability to pay.  I hear a client say, “Oh, I don’t think they can afford my service.” My ontological ears perk up immediately. When we make assumptions about another person’s ability to pay we are making up a story! We think that our attention is on the potential client, but in that moment the attention is on us and the story we just made up.

Why make up this story? Perhaps you are afraid of someone saying NO and experiencing this as rejection. Perhaps you really don’t believe you are worth your fee. These are juicy areas to explore and clear up.

We Can’t Perform Beyond Our Own Core Values

But there is a twist in this example.  One that I believe goes even deeper.  In our self-focus on such a money/service transaction and making assumptions about another person to protect our own sense of value, you are holding them less than able. You are holding them as ‘less than’. And in many cases you don’t even ask for the business which is essentially denying them their own decision-making!

Straightening out and bringing to light these fundamental beliefs, these invisible operating principles is what true empowerment is all about. When we get our core beliefs, our speech and our actions aligned, that is when a person gains traction in their life and starts a healthy cycle of creating that is sustainable.

I am happy to talk with you about how ontological concepts can support the change you seek.

High-Performance Coaching

Traditional High-Performance Coaching has its Shortcomings

I spent 20+ years in the tech industry as a change agent leading multi-million dollar national and global projects.  I can get any size project from A to Z in record time.  High-performance coaching follows the same path as implementing technology projects.  Get clear on your goals, articulate them clearly, create a project plan, set milestone and sub-goals, get to work, manage your attitude and celebrate achievements along the way.

This approach was what was reinforced in my Coach Training Program.  But I believe it only works for about 15% of individuals.  About 15% of my clients thrive with this format, for the other 85% this approach just causes angst and reinforces negative self-talk. Most people aren’t linear! The creative process can’t be time-boxed; if it is time-boxed then the solutions are rarely optimal.

Those 20 years of my career taught me how to look at businesses holistically and projects sequentially. And it also taught me a lot about burnout and how to not use my energy. I am a fierce project manager. I think logically and can see how to get to where you want to go.  But now I have a deeper understanding of what it takes to get there with ease and grace.

You don’t have to sacrifice your health, joy and peace of mind to create success and make things happen.

A More Effective Approach

I now teach my clients to move forward, gain traction, generate results in ways that are organically correct for them. Human Design show us the way. I developed my Transformative Coaching Model, shown below, to articulate a process that combines, Human Design, ontological awareness and performance concepts for maximum results.

Has the Traditional Coaching Model Left You Feeling Bad About Yourself?

I see the traditional coaching model leaving people feeling more disempowered than ever.  I am happy to chat with you for 30-minutes.  We will look at your Design and I will explain why that was most likely not a good fit for your energy blueprint.

The Transformation Process

Human Design Transformation Model

Change and transformation can happen quickly:  a case study

One of my clients, a medical professional, recently opened his own practice.  While he had incredible skill and credentials in his field, he knew he had issues with empowerment and his executive skills.  We learned, via Human Design,  that he is geared for consistent high action and is a naturally quick decision maker, though, day to day, he didn’t trust his decision making.   Exploring his level of empowerment, it became clear that he did not have experience honoring his needs and setting clear boundaries. 

As he gained confidence in these areas:  trusting a  faster decision-making process, honoring his needs and setting clear boundaries, his business acumen increased dramatically.  Now all the past learning about staff management, delegation and business planning could actually stick! Recently he said, “Cathy, you told me that I wouldn’t recognize myself after 6 months.  I didn’t believe you then.  But I do now.”  He went on to share an event that happened that day that doubled his business!

Human Design Readings and Coaching Programs

Human Design

Human Design Readings and Coaching Programs

I work with individuals, families, business owners and executives. I offer individual sessions (sometimes 1 conversation is all a person needs!) as well as on-going coaching support and programs.

Each client engagement is tailored and unique to the client and their needs. I am ALWAYS willing to have an initial conversation to talk about your needs and for you to get to know me and my approach.  Fit between the client and the coach is crucial.  So the best way to get started is to just pick up the phone and call me or contact me via email.   We will set up a time to talk over the phone or Zoom and explore what you are seeking.

Below is an listing of my Human Design readings and coaching programs.  To see more details, pop over to the Human Design Readings tab or set up a Discovery Session and talk with me in person.

Fundamental and Advanced Human Design Readings


Returns: How Your Design Interacts with the Passage of Time


  • Solar Return – the year’s focus
  • Saturn Return – Life Lessons
  • Uranus Return – ‘Midlife Crisis’
  • Chiron Return – Letting go and getting clear
  • Life Passages – The Entire Spectrum

Money Readings: Transform Wealth, Prosperity, Business, Career


  • Heal Blocks to Money & Wealth
  • Discover Your 5 Money Success Keys & Create Your Prosperity  Brand
  • Mars Return
  • Jupiter Return
  • Assess Your Business’ Design
  • Birth Your Business – Choose an Auspicious Design
  • Readings for Business Partners & Teams
  • Prosperity Transformation Program

Transforming Love, Relationships, Family


  • Heal Ancestral Blocks to Love & Connection
  • Human Design Composite Reading:  How Your Energies Interact
  • Human Design Fusion Reading: Who Are You Together
  • Venus Return – Love & Attraction Energies
  • Human Design for Parents
  • Human Design Family Workshops
  • A Year of Relationship Transformation

Launching November 17, 2023 – Applied Human Design Training & Certifcation Program

Applied Human Design Training Program Catherine Rivers

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